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A persistent old problem that I reported many iterations ago.  
When selecting, refining, and sometimes painting, if I touch the screen with the pencil and my finger it draws a line from one to the other.   
Here is a case where I was refining the foreground.   It also occurs with frequency when using the selection tool and a time when using the paint and draw tools  
Am I missing a setting that I should turn off or on?


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On 9/20/2019 at 8:57 PM, p_mac said:

I went back and looked at the video that the screen shot above is from.  In each case, the touch gesture did show where my finger was.  It looks like what was happening was that I touch the screen first with my finger and then when the Pencil touched, it drew a selection channel from my finger touch to the Pencil touch.   I thought that was not supposed to happen, but that seems to be what was happening.   

It is unfortunate that I cannot upload the video.  I have a very slow internet connect, too cheap to pay enormous fees for faster speeds, so maybe that is the reason I can’t upload, even tried on my iMac, nada.

Anyway, went into the AP setting and turned on the “touch for gestures only” and the issue seems to be resolved.  Is this a work around or is that the expect behaviour?



On 9/25/2019 at 1:13 AM, Chris B said:

Hi p_mac,

I was able to reproduce it using this method but only using the Apple Pencil. I cannot repo it with my fingers.

I can repo it with Touch for Gestures on as well... This doesn't feel right so I'll query it with the developers. 

Went back to find this post.  This is a problem with the selection tool and now with refine.  You will notice that Chris B was able to reproduce this issue and did send a query to the developers.  
it is still a ver annoying issue.  

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