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Select all objects, all layers, in an area

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I have a few issues here: For context, I design braced walls for earthquake strengthening of house walls. All my designs are a rectangles (plywood) and a bunch dots on each (anchors). 

  1. to select all the dots on a rectangle, I have to click individually and all the circles at the corners plus the rotate circle get in the way unless I select in a certain direction.  I want to click select and drag the tool to select them all instead, so I can space and align them easily. The dots almost never show up as consecutive layers, so forget that option.
  2. In order to select all dots in a row, I have to magnify the document many times otherwise the select circles get in the way of the one beside. Can these circles please be optional? 
  3. If I want to select all of the dots and the rectangle in one fell swoop, I cannot. Currently, I can only select one dot and use the alt key to select the rectangle. To select them all, I have to click every dot individually and, only then, click the alt key. 
  4. When I add a text item with it, ie a number to say how long it is, I want to be able to drag the number wherever I want while in text mode rather than having to go back and forth between Text and Select, eg by clicking the command/control key or any key of your choosing.

I really want to stick with Affinity and understand that all things I'm used to in InDesign might have to be done a different way, but I can't live with these features because it takes so much more time and drives me batty. (Short drive, too!) So please give them serious consideration. Attached is an example of my docs and another of how much I have to magnify it to select all the dots.

Thank you.



Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 9.11.46 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 9.05.25 PM.png

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