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Traditional Mongolian Support

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你好,我叫 Tengis,是中国、内蒙古自治区的一个字体设计师。我的主要字体设计方向是传统蒙古文。传统蒙古文是左至右、上至下方向的文字,所以在排长文章的时候字体都会用 Mirror 版本,然后将文本框反转……
我在使用 Affinity Publisher 时觉得很舒适。已经帮到我很多,如果能有进一步的传统蒙古文方面的支持的话,我觉得会很酷。如果你们愿意做这样的更新,我愿意参与。

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Google translate gives the following translation, detecting the language as Chinese.

Hello, my name is Tengis, a typeface designer in China and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. My main font design direction is traditional Mongolian. Traditional Mongolian is left-to-right, top-to-bottom text, so the font will use the Mirror version when arranging the article, and then reverse the text box...
I feel comfortable when using Affinity Publisher. I have already helped me a lot. If there is further support in traditional Mongolian, I think it will be cool. If you are willing to do such an update, I am willing to participate.

Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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