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Found 8 results

  1. When I tried to open a very large hi-res TIF photo posted from NASA, the Affinity Photo GUI opened but after 15 or 30 seconds the program crashed and closed. At first I thought the file may be corrupt, but it opened in GIMP without a problem. I tried 3 different times to open the file in AP and each time the program shut down and sent me back to Windows 10. The file is hi-res, contains 1.8 billion pixels, and has a file size of 2.25GB. Is there a limit to the size of files Affinity can open? Hardware specs: CPU - AMD7 2700; GPU - MSI NVidia GeForce 2060 Super; RAM - 32GB
  2. Hi there! Ofesad here from Argentina. I have been using Affinity Photo for a couple of years now and I was quite happy with it. However with recent newer versions I feel it more... "fragile" and unstable when working with large files. I do a lot of photo restoration and archiving, wich means I have lots of 600dpi+ scans with huge resolutions and file sizes over 1Gb. Recently I was working in a photo for a client and I encoutered some issues with Affinity photo (I will do another post about others issues). I was trying to apply the noise reduction filter to the image, a 27607 x 10544 pixels 600dpi TIFF / 1.63Gb (compressed) scan, the menu appears, click apply, wait and the program will just close itself. No error, nothing. I reinstalled Affinity Photo and tryed again, same result. Also, when working with uncompressed TIFF the software became even slower. Anyone had similar problems? Solutions? I recently upgraded my pc's graphics card and processor, my new pc is: AMD Ryzen 3700 16gb DDR4 3200mhz Nvidia RTX 2060 Super Wacom Intuos Medium Pro BenQ PD2700Q Monitor
  3. Hello everyone. So im new to this program and loving it so far. But what im not understanding is why are saved files so large? Im working on a simply raw file edit of a portrait I took. Only 1 adjustment layer and I did frequency separation. Saved the file as both psd and afphoto, some how both files are about 400Mb. Is there a fix to this?
  4. HI. Just purchased Designer from the Mac App Store. I'm trying to open a large 45MB .ai file that is local on my hard drive and the app crashes. Tried moving the file to both the cloud and external storage and still I get a crash. I'm using a MBP 15" 2016 with touchbar running 10.12.6 Please advise. Thank, RJ banner.ai
  5. HI. Just purchased Designer from the Mac App Store. I'm trying to open a large 45MB .ai file that is local on my hard drive and the app crashes. Tried moving the file to both the cloud and external storage and still I get a crash. I'm using a MBP 15" 2016 with touchbar running 10.12.6 Please advise. Thank, RJ
  6. There's a bug when saving large files, after resizing (resize files 10MB), When I tried to resize a jpg file, takes a long time and nothings happen. Seems like you didnt start any command to do. So to continue using the program I need to restart. I did the same procedure in the Pixelmator program and it was Instantaneously. Same problem when you "saving as” option. Frozen "windows message save". Only works if you don’t save it as copy, but keeps the changes in the original file you work in.
  7. For large images, especially in 32-Bit mode you have to constantly wait for the entire screen to be processed at the zoom level you're at. That kinda ruins the moment quite often. Attached is how Nuke solves that. A 'region of interest' widget that you draw over the portion you want to work on and only that gets processed. The rest of the image is just a buffer dump. A good option would be to have a way to clear the outside area to a constant colour fill when moving outside the previous buffer or clear it in general.
  8. Pretty much every time I edit "large" pixel size files like the last one at 300 DPI for 200cm x 100cm ( 24000 px x 12000px) I am experiencing some serious lags and freezing problems with bluring tools or content aware tools (inpainting brush) For example if I try using swirling bokeh (AP video tutorial ) on a file this size, my MACPRO will regularly lag for minutes and freeze at the impainting stage. It is very annoying because I am definitely not going back to photoshop but I must admit that for large files it is a better working horse, for creativity AP is unbeatable but you do have a file size issue frm my experience. I have tried changing the performance settings but to no avail. Please be clear on what should be done with settings!!! I have read various contradicting interpretations on the forum...use OPEN GL ONLY ... USE OPEN GL AND GPU...USE ONLY GPU :( I doubt that it is an hardware issue as I am working on a MACPRO six core 64GB with an AMD FIREPRO 300 graphic card. Only Ap running.... Here goes a link to the file I am mentioning: note that this a jpeg file dowloaded from the hubble telescope site online. Would the same file raw make a difference.... https://www.hightail.com/download/ZWJXSkhld0FoMlhOUjhUQw Cheers and thank you again
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