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Found 8 results

  1. Big problem: I'm an art director, graphic artist, illustrator. I work in layered images with Affinity Photo, having ended my many years using Photoshop. I'm enjoying the new Affinity software, but I am experiencing what seems to be a major flaw with Affinity Photo. 1: If I begin a new project by opening an existing file (let's say, "Blue_10.afphoto"), I often do a "Save As", and in doing so I rename the file (let's say, renamed as "Green_20.afphoto") because the work I am about to do is to be a completely new version based on that original. 2: After completing my new multi-layered image, and saving the final (still as "Green_20.afphoto"), 3: I then save a flattened version of the file, using the same name but with the addition of "flt" (i.e., the flattened file is now called "Green_20_flt.afphoto". 4: Subsequently, and still in Affinity Photo, I export that flattened file as a jpeg, and now the jpeg file exists as "Green_20_flt.jpg". I now have the three files (two .afphoto files and one .jpg file) on my Mac, and all seems fine, each with the correct name and file type. 5: I noticed the following problem when I uploaded jpeg files to my online Flickr account. The files upload, but the titles are often totally wrong (in this example, possibly the name of the old original defunct file "Blue_10.afphoto". The title is not only totally incorrect, but I now have to double-check each and every image exported from Photo before sending, uploading or delivering to avoid major mistakes or embarrassment if not caught and corrected. Please tell me there's a fix for this. I have never had such a problem before. Thanks, anyone.
  2. macos 10.13 Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 is Defaulting as the Default app for video? when/after importing many thousands of video files from professional cinematography cameras, canon, red, etc into macos 10.13 Publisher is defaulting as the application to open the file causing the video to be inoperable? video used to import fine prior to installing Affinity Publisher anyone else having this issue? the video & icon should be defaulting to Quicktime file format & Quicktime icon not Publisher changing the default application in the 'info' window in the Finder does not help any ideas? thank you in advance
  3. I encountered a problem with abr brush texture loading in both Photo and Designer. I've checked about this issue in the forums and only found two similar threads in the Ipad section of bug reporting and both are from November 2017. I just got both Photo and Designer this year, since among many other reasons (such as better vector workflow for Designer), one of them was their ability to import abr brushes. I love collecting brush and I regularly used many affinity brushes, like @paolo.limoncelli's brushes as well as frankentoon's brushes. They are all great brushes and I have fun using them. It's just that sometimes I just want to use various different brushes to experiment with them. What I found out when searching about this issue was that some abr files is made using newer versions of Photoshop, and they might require adjusting in order to be read properly in Photo and Designer. I think it had been 2 updates since the this issue was brought up in the two threads I mentioned and this issue still persists. I tried importing the same brushes in Artstudio Pro on the Ios and it the app seemed to import them properly. Right, now into the details of this bug. Whenever I import abr brushes in Photo or Designer, the texture image of the brush will load incorrectly. What happens is that, instead of a single picture of a seamless texture, the image shown will be smaller tiles of the texture. I'll attach some pictures below. I think some brushes even have only three small tiled image at the top with black or white fill and sometimes other tiled texture below it. It only happens to newer abr files from Photoshop cc as those from Photoshop cs suite works fine. I realise it may take a while to implement fix for newer abr files, but I feel the need to bump this issue to let it be known. I would like to thank you the developers for such wonderful apps and I hope that this issue can be resolved soon. Regards Carina Images: The first picture showed brush that has some proper texture loading this second was the one with the tiled texture image The last picture was three tiled texture image at the top with different textures at the bottom, some brushes it can have a black or white fill at the bottom instead.
  4. CLOSED Hi, recently on Affinity Photo my colours seemed a bit off, after doing some test's I found out, that was the case. Are you aware of this bug, if so can I fix it? Image showing this:
  5. Hello , I have the latest 1.6.4 for windows. Yesterday i was out putting artboards to JPG. The file contained vector and raster files. I then assemble them in a PDF for distribution and printing. When printing the JPG ( the image or raster part of the file ) is very pixelated and not printing correctly. The vector part of the file is fine. This printed wrong with in DESIGNER or from another program. So its how DESIGNER is creating the JPG. I printed the raster elements that i imported seperatly to test, when they are not in DESIGNER , they print fine. My workaround was to export them as TIFF 8bit. This made all artboards print correctly. The other strange thing, is the 20 pages of JPEGS that i exported, created a HUGE PDF. But the TIFF's created one 1/3 the size. Both JPG and TIFF were exported at 300 DPI. Double checked that all output setting were the same for DESIGNER and for ACROBAT to build the PDF. Need a fix for this JPEG problem soon. I cannot upload any pics sorry. Its for a movie production I am on and have signed a NDA. Thanks Gary
  6. I've exported an A4 sized PDF from Design and I noticed that the trim dimensions are not exactly correct. They show as 296.93 mm x 209.97 mm in stead of 297 mm x 210 mm. Is this going to be a problem when giving the files to the print shop for print?
  7. The Background colour sliders in the Character panel will not update as you change the colour, see attached image to better understand what I mean. If the popup is closed and opened again the correct colour will show. Thanks!
  8. I am using Affinity Photo Windows Beta v1.5.0.39 and have run in to a problem with resize canvas, its only seems to resize 3 edges e.g. top,bottom and left, those edges get the correct canvas added but the right side gets no canvas added. Have I done something wrong on the canvas resize or is it just bug ?. Regards Chris
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