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Found 5 results

  1. My suggestion would be to allow for editing of Compound Vector Masks without having to un-nest them first or destructively converting to curves. Sadly, the lack of this feature alone is enough to stop me from using A.Designer for any commercial work. This suggestion is to update an older request that I made which has now been put in the warehouse as I fear it may be lost to the sands of time.
  2. Well ! The title says it all, Affinity Publisher is missing/lacking of the essential Export Persona. On a workflow like mine where i use Affinity Photo to process everything pixel, Designer to Process everything Vector and make them all converge to Affinity Publisher for project finalization. So, 80% of my exports happens there because Affinity Publisher does it better when it have to print stuffs ! Please bring a shiny but powerful export persona to Publisher.
  3. Hey, I would love to see a feature, which lets me continue or rebrush curves with the pencil tool by going over the selected path a second time. B
  4. Please, direct me to a place where I can find documentation of Affinity Photo. I mean, direct me to a detailed documentation, that gives from baby steps to light speed travel everything to the user. Be the user experienced or a new one. Tutorials may serve a very good purpose, but they are mosaic-like for me. If there is an instruction set built in, please, guide me to the beginning of it. Thank you. Merci bien, Köszönöm, Danke schön.
  5. Love the simplicity of just being able to make compounds and pasting inside paths (just like going back to Freehand 8) - but I can't include it in my workflow just yet as the print shops I work with only accept print ready artwork in PDF/X 2001a or PDF/X 4- 2008-10 format which is now pretty much pro standard, unless you send for digital print + exporting vector formats ends up mostly raster to all but simple paths - Looking forward to Affinity Publisher to see if it can blossom into a genuine InDesign / Quark killer although it will need the ability to output PDF/X 2001a or PDF/X 4- 2008-10 formats to be a truly pro app that could easily merged into any design studio workflow - Slug and bleed would also be a handy addition - it would just be a shame to have an app with awesome, time saving features that lets you produce a great magazine / prospectus / multipage document designed for print and not be able just create a simple print ready file which any print shop could use!