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Found 4 results

  1. I have the same issue on windows 1.8.5 version. When I move down to certain text character style and want to change the style I created for the document All the application froze I and I can't do anything unless I kill the program through task manager. as the document already contain the problematic text format, It's impossible for me to reset all the text style. Affinity_Publisher_2020-09-02_12-26-41.mp4
  2. Text Style changing Problem (macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Affinity Publisher 1.7.1) Hi guys, I have a very bad problem concerning text styles in Publisher: Each time when I want to create a new text style or changing and saving an existing text style itself, Affinity Publisher crashes completely. I had this problem already during the Beta phase and thought the final version would solve the problem, but unfortunately not. I deinstalled and reinstalled Publisher several times, but the error remains. I have NO problems with other programs at all, only Affinity Publisher crushes when working on the text styles... I have installed several third party fonts... but I never had problems with that fact before in macOS. I have no more idea what to change or what to do. Does anybody can help me or has an idea? Best regards, Mac
  3. Publisher 1.7.3, Mac OS X El Capitan, fonts managed via FontExplorer v4.2.4 Simple 1-page layout document A4, with a few text blocks and a few vector objects. The text in the document had styles assigned already, using a currently unavailable font. I'm attempting to change the style to a different font. Clicking on a style in the palette crashes Publisher at the first attempt. After relaunching, the style editing may usually work eventually. Until the next time it crashes again. An earlier version of the document that had the initial font available also already showed the same crashing behavior. Sometimes Publisher also crashes on selecting/editing a text object on the page. I cannot figure out any pattern in that. Since this is the first time I was attempting to do some, er, real work with Publisher, I can't compare to other documents yet. Attaching all recent crash logs and a redacted copy of the affected file. loukash_publisher_crash_logs.zip loukash_crashing_document.afpub.zip
  4. Sorry to report, but I, too, am having crashes occurring with Affinity Publisher 1.7.1. Love the program, going through tutorials and preparing my Publisher palette for future work. As another user experiencing these crashes noted, working in Text Styles appears to be the culprit. Selecting the tab in Text Styles panel, selecting OK when creating a new Text Style or even random crashes. The crash happens quickly so sometimes I'm not even sure what I was selecting when it happened, although using Text Style panel is a consistent culprit. Am running Publisher 1.7.1, downloaded from the store on the initial release day (no beta was installed). Am running Mac OS Mojave, 10.14.5, iMac, late 2013, 32gb ram, 3.2Ghz Intel Core 5 The document is essentially a blank slate, a few items on the master, document set up for Half Letter size w/spreads. Will attach the document, as well as a PDF of the bug report the system created. Perhaps a fresh install, as described by the other user will remedy the problem. If not, please investigate Support Team, we're counting on you!! As a sidebar, I am excited and proud to be using Publisher. I have produced three books for print for an old friend using Adobe InDesign; however, I am determined to produce the fourth book using Publisher. Learning curve mainly relates to learning the differences from InDesign, but it is a welcome challenge. Bios and Farewells.afpub Affinity Publisher Crash Report.pdf
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