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Found 9 results

  1. A lot of websites have the "control+K" shortcut to open a search box that will search and show anything related. As a beginner in AP, I know what I want but have no idea where it is. It could search on the name and descriptions of the tools and then even show a shortcut, if available. Would also be nice to save the last used ones (launched from there), so next time you want to search, you might already have it ready to use even if it doesn't have a shortcut. I tried finding if it was already asked for, but search, tools, find, are generic enough that it shows anything but that if there's already a suggestion. TBH, I would expect it to already have it.
  2. Hello Community, I'm in the process of completely converting my workflow to Affinity Photo. One point for which I haven't found a solution yet is to dock the toolbox on the right side. As can be seen in the screenshot in Photoshop. Does anyone have a tip for me how this works? I have already discovered the variant of the "floating" tools, but it is not satisfactory for me. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Bug in Affinity Photo 1.10.4? In Affinity photo I want to add the unsharp mask tool to the toolsbox. I do this according to the instruction and the new tool is placed between the other tools. After using and saving the photo I open a new raw file, edit this and come back into persona and notice that the added tool is no longer visible between the available tools! What's going wrong? regards Cees
  4. Hello, I'm new to Affinity Designer so please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious but I have two issues after downloading Christi's Comic Toolbox from the Affinity store: 1: Although Designer says I have imported 36 brushes, I can't see them anywhere, i.e. in the brushes menu. I assumed they'd be added as their own category, or distributed among the existing categories as relevant but can't see them anywhere. 2: Designer won't let me import or open the assets pack and says it isn't an Affinity document. (pic of the message attached) Any help appreciated.
  5. Quite often I encounter problem where the toolbox with the measuring distance is hidden behind the anchor of the bounding box of the object. See below the image for details . Even simple zooming out doesn't help to show the numbers in the toolbox. To go around it it is always necessary to zoom out to very small zoom ration and then the toolbox will appear - see 2nd image. I know this is just UI tweak and probably the measurement toolbox should be displayed next to the anchor. Does anyone encounter this?
  6. As a publishing tool, the text tool is too far low down the toolbox considering it's primarily a text manipulation software. Needs to be nearer the top of the toolbox.
  7. Ok...I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. I went to do some pixel art in Photo and can't find the Pencil tool. Any idea where it is? Does it exist? The pencil that I thought it was is the eraser...not quite what I was looking for.
  8. I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
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