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Found 39 results

  1. With the latest version on my 12" iPad Pro after making several selection refinements, the app crashes. Also, the selection refinements don't seem to update the mask layer. I have to create a new mask layer every time I make any kind of refinements to the selection.
  2. Hi, Have a couple of questions: 1) Can we import RAW from Photos app directly ? I'm using an iPad Pro 10.5 on 10.3.3 with Affinity 1.6.3 and the only way I can import RAW is via iCloud. Any easier way ? 2) The app crashes every single time I use edge refine tool. Tried with 10-11 photos, and all of them crash. This is the biggest pain point for me as I cannot select specific areas for selective manipulation. Any workaround here ? Maybe a different way to manipulate selected areas ? My camera is a Nikon D5100. Thanks in advance everybody.
  3. Hi guys and wonderful Moderators, I know it's been probably said in a few posts but I'd like to list some of what I think are a few of the most needed features in AP. 1. refine masks uusing levels and curves, this is the most important thing, I'm not talking about refine edges or similar, I'm saying that once you created a mask to have the possibility to open a curve or levels adjustement for that mask to refine its range, as things are now we are pretty much stuck with the mask as it is at the moment of creating it, I just refuse to believe such thing is not available in AP, it's a foundamental feature, I mean AP has equations, EQUATIONS!!! and we can't put in this feature? 2. Some sort of luminosity masks panel, YES I'll ask for it for as much as it takes, even if it means having you put one in out of desperation for not having to read my every post about it. And I mean a full fledged LM panel, not the select midtones/shadow/highligh thingy, I mean a zones system/varying degrees of shadow/midtones/highlight selection though masks maybe. Seriously the channel way of doing it manually as it is now is cumbersome and uneffective, resterize layer to mask? really guys? nice feature but let's just step it up. 3. color picker when using the HSL tool 4. More color selection well...selections, blue, red and green are not enough really, maybve axpand to yellow, cyan, magenta. 5. slice tool to percentage or exact slices, as of right now I find the slice tool really...casual and amateur, would be nice to tell AP to: 'slice the image in 3 part vertically', insted of the free hand tool, which is pretty much useless imo. 6. suggestion for 3 filters, one is the tonal contrast equivalent, would be nice and save a lot of time having some sort of tonal contrast in the live filters, baybe a dynamic brightness too. your glow filter, nice idea, but poorly implemented all it does is blow out the highlight, maybe making it s that it protect saturation and luminance in some way, that's be nice. 7. create a panorama out of the opened files, same goes for hdr, it's really bothersome having to export all images before having AP create a new pano. 7 1/2, come on guys, let's just have an 'align layers' option, I don't know if i'm doing somehing wrong but stack create stack in the arrange panel doe snot align anything if you're not opening a brand new set of images, we need to align layers in an opened file. Thank you guys for this platform in which you allow us to give suggestion, I know i may sounfd just like the usual run of the mill whyny customer, but I do complain because I believe in this software and its possibility. Seriously though, take into consideration these suggestion, let's not just trail behind Photoshop, let's make a clear jump foreward.
  4. HI, I am a newbie and am gradually working my way through all the tutorials. I have watched the one on refining, however, I struggle to create a good 'fur edge' with my hairy cavalier! I seem to end up with block feet, please could you advise on a process for me to get a better result. I am pretty rubbish at this!!! Many thanks B
  5. I see there is no contrast feature in refine edges tool as PS has. I just want my selection not flow over adjacent pixels, without any feathering effect at all. Am I missing a feature to do such things?
  6. Ok, Last one. I got to get some sleep! I gotta say though Affinity Photo is equally as much fun and addicting as Affinity Designer! I already thinking about how to cancel my plans tomorrow evening to tinker a bit more. lol
  7. Hi I am using windows AP I find when using the selection tool to take an object out of a photo I find the refinement tool does not do a very good job. For example the smoothness does not work very well.. It leaves jagged edges. I tried everything to smooth the edges and it still looks bad. I tried the same thing in photoshop and it is like night and day. Love your program I hope you can fix this part of the program. It will make making cutouts much better then I would not have to use photoshop to do this task.. Thanks! Photoshop cutout : Affinity cutout: Not sure you can see the differences in the pictures uploaded.. :-)
  8. I have been trying to achieve a cut out with a subject with hair wisps. I have used the selection brush, then selected refine. I start the use of the refine brush through the refine window however it suddenly seems to loose what I have done and reverts back to the initial selection loosing all the refine data. If I 'refine only a small area, then let it re-calculate, then sometimes I can go onto the next area retaining what has just been done. Again, for no apparent reason, it will reset loosing what I have just achieved plus what I thought I had successfully worked upon. Is this a bug?
  9. Hi! First of all sorry if my english is no so good... I'm using the last version of Affinity Photo (latest version) on my Macboook Pro with Mac OS Sierra. I am detecting that when I'm trying to refine a selection using the brush of the tool dialog sometimes all the box of "Refine" dissapears from the screen, and only pops up again when I press Enter or other key. I remember in previous versions of Affinity Photo that the box did not dissapear when working with this tool. I hope some fix its on the way to solve it. Thanks! Cecilio
  10. It would be good to be able to feather a selection to a higher value than than the 200px slider offers. (you seem to be able to manually use a value of 400px) However there are lots of situations when (especially with very high resolution images) 200px is not any where near enough. Best wishes Jonathan Charles (a man who badly wants to ditch adobe photoshop)
  11. Is it possible to select a stroke and retrace it to refine its shape? This is a feature I use extensively in Adobe Illustrator. I realize the stroke anchor points and segments can be redefined, but simply retracing the existing stroke, using a stylus, is much more direct and intuitive for freehand-style drawing.
  12. hello, mask editing doesn't always work properly after selecting complex shapes, with several refinement passes. here's what happens: 1) load a jpg image in ap 2) select a portion of it using the selection brush 3) refine the selection, trying to select complex borders (hair, fur, etc.) 4) repeat the selection refinement step multiple times 5) apply to create a mask at this point, if a click on the mask icon and then on the brush tool and go to edit the mask, the brush preview shows weird colours, as if i was painting over the layer, not the mask, with some unusual blending mode selected. if i click on the layer, the brush preview is identical. saving, quitting ap and reopening solves the problem. it does not happen every time i create a mask from a selection. it looks like the problem is triggered by the complexity of the selection and the number of refinement steps it takes. in some cases, i noticed that even the clone tool did not work anymore. ap 1.4, osx 10.9.5 (up to date). thank you for any suggestion stefano
  13. Hi, Slightly confused here. Making masks based on hair selections - created 'new layer with mask' and the like, tried a few variations. Free mask, to 'restore' the layer back to the unmasked version, but... The now unmasked layer has completely destroyed and messy edges around where the mask use to be? I'm guessing that this is as designed, and something that AF does in order to smooth the pixels where the masking occurs? Could anyone confirm this, and is there an easy way to get the original lay back, without the modified edges? Thanks! Wayne
  14. http://youtu.be/eInwlUWtw-w#t=3m25s Don't know if this already has been fixed course I'm on a German keyboard and even in the new beta with the shortcut keys the [ ] don't work for me at all. (Hint hint - would be awesome if someone could help me out here)
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