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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding It crashes every single time I use denoise. I use the drop down menu and I ensure it is being applied to the correct layer. This is soooo frustrating, if you can help I would be most grateful not to have to restart everytime this happens B
  2. Hi Everytime I try to use the denoise function on Affinity photo on my Mac pro it crashes, Is this a known problem and how to I stop it happening please. B
  3. I have problems with the impainting brush. I use it, objects disappear, then if I use high pass the object reappear as if the inpainting too had never been used. What am I doing wrong please?
  4. Bookins

    Unstable inpainting brush

    I too have problems with the inpainting brush, paints red, barely removes anything. Some days it works OK some not. So frustrating
  5. Bookins


    Hi Guys Sorry, I did not see the other posts, I am still working my way around. Thank you for your help, I will keep trying all options. B
  6. Hi Sorry, didn't see these replies, still working my way around. Yes I've tried the refine button. I will keep trying Thank you.
  7. Hi Not wishing to sound rude, but why do you not answer some questions, I have posted two, cannot find them nor can I see a reply to my queries. I am aware you have tutorials on backgrounds but a bit more depth would be beneficial, i.e. changing background colour and adding a texture to it, or being able to copy part of the current background to fill an area. I am still learning (always) and find it frustrating when I can't get the result I am looking for. Kind Regards Bookins
  8. HI, I am a newbie and am gradually working my way through all the tutorials. I have watched the one on refining, however, I struggle to create a good 'fur edge' with my hairy cavalier! I seem to end up with block feet, please could you advise on a process for me to get a better result. I am pretty rubbish at this!!! Many thanks B
  9. Bookins

    Can't set Source for Clone/Heal brush

    I see this is an old post , but I too have the same problem, I can't get the healing brush to work despite clicking option key. If anyone can shed any light on how to fix this then I'd be most grateful!
  10. Bookins

    some files won't open

    Hi I created a processed imaged, saved it to my computer filing system but I can't open it. Please could you advise. Thanks B
  11. Right ... I have worked out how to get my wandering inpainting brush back and with thanks to DavidMac above. If you have lost any or your tools go to View - Customise tools, drag required tool to tool bar. Voila! Thank you David!
  12. HI I new to Affinity so still working my way around it. I seem to have lost (after using) the impainting brush! I was having difficulty trying to deselect it to use something else, came across the deselect brush on the flyouts, now it's disappeared for good. Please can anyone advise me how to restore it. Many thanks , B.

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