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Found 8 results

  1. Hello again guys! How are you? This time I wanted to tell you about a silly but important problem I have to solve. I'm trying to insert the page numbering using the master My document is a coloring book, so it has the following structure 1 [Blank page] 2 [Coloring image 1] >> (I want to have the numbering here: Page 1) 3 [Blank page] 4 [Coloring image 2] >> (I want to have the numbering here: Page 2) .... And so on until you reach about 100 Structure in image: What do I want to do? Number each page where the image is, (and I should ignore the blank pages). But the problem is that using the master in affinity, when I insert the pagination in the even pages, affinity starts counting all the pages, even the odd ones (in my case the pages that are blank). Is there any way from affinity to start the count only with the odd pages? The only solution I found was to do it with a python script, but I'm sure it would be very easy to integrate this in a function directly from affinity. I should mention that some users on telegram told me they had had this problem and found no solution. I would like you to help me with some automated solution, I don't want to depend on python to do this, besides it is important for my coloring books to integrate this numbering methodology. Could please help me? Thank u very much guys !!
  2. I have many artboards (or layers) in a document. And for some reason, most of the running page numbers or layers is correct in running ascending order, but there are some which do not reflect the correct or same page numbers as in the layers name. Even when layer name is updated or changed, the artboard name still does not change. Though I guess this is not a significant problem as the export should follower the layers order, but am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Bought Publisher for MS Windows. As a total newby, I imported a pdf format that looked good and started adding pages and content to make a how-to book. Got up over 300 pages, then noticed page 81 had no page number. I then added it in a field. Now my page numbers are one page off from thereon in the document. Apparently I should have started with a Master Page. Will certainly appreciate any tips on how to find the master page window I see in the online tutorials. Then how to proceed to straighten out the page numbers. Many Thanks, Benev in Sequim, Washington, USA
  4. Hi, Is it possible to add a letter to a number in page numbering, e.g. 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6. I have to add some pages to a document which has already been distributed. Re-numbering all of the pages would require them all to be printed again. Adding a letter would mean the new pages could be inserted by the third party. The Table of Contents would have to accept this numbering. I've experimented but haven't found a way to do so. Thanks for any help. Stay safe. Mike
  5. First of all hello all, I'm totally new to the whole Affinity thing, just bought the whole package, and I'm totally loving the apps! So, the issue at hand involves page numbering, I have a 300+ page book that I started a while ago in InDesign, made the switch to Affinity Publisher, with a proper IDML export (BTW for everyone importing IDML files into Affinity, I suggest before hand you go and change some performance preferences, turn everything to slow/low quality, also don't give Affinity all of your RAM or you're gonna have a bad time, actually I guess this should be done either way). I got to working on Affinity Publisher, had to readjust some text frames, no biggie, but then the issue appeared when I had to add some extra pages into the book, these extra pages are PDF extension, added through Affinity's "Add Pages From File..." option, it worked well without an issue, I noticed the pages didn't get numbered automatically from the master numbering thing, figured I'd delete the master and just add new numbering straight from Affinity (the numbering was imported from the original IDML master). So I did that, I added numbering in the master spread, all good, but when I scrolled down on my book, I noticed that at the pages that I have imported from the PDF file, the numbering gets reseted to 1, and then, on each section that I added new pages from the PDF file it does this, so now my book goes like 1-50, 1-60, 1-etc. till the end of it. Weird part is, it resets on the first page I added from the PDF file, and goes with the numbering till the next first page that I added from the PDF file. HELP.
  6. When I add or delete pages in existing page-numbered document, the page numbering does not re-sequence to include the new page. It seems the master page for page numbers must be re-applied each time a page is inserted/deleted. Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks
  7. Have managed to put page numbers onto a Master Page but can't find where I can start at number 2. Front page of booklet doesn't have a number.
  8. Prevously I use Serife PagePlus to produce a magazine of around 40 pages that is professionally printed. So now I am using Affinity Publisher and on the Master page I wanted to insert page numbers. So far so good, but I was having some difficult working out how to begin the numbering not on the front page, but on the first internal page. I finally discovered that I could only do this in Section Mannager by having my front page as a section and then the rest of the magazine as section 2 with the starting number at 1. Previously in PagePlus I could insert page numbering on the Master page and just set the numbering to begin at zero. I would have found it more intuitive if in Affinity under 'Section Manager' if I could change the starting point for the numbering i.e. 'Start on Page' drop down menue to 2 (i.e. page 2). However that option is not available for Section 1 - Page Numbering. Could that option be made available Section 1- Page Numbering or is their something very technical I am missing that does not allow that to happen. Page numbering for magazines in Affinity publisher - Windows 10.pdf
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