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  1. In page plus there was an option to insert a hyperlink which could be defined as an internet page, a page in the publication, an email, etc. This appears to be missing in Affinity; any reason why?
  2. Prevously I use Serife PagePlus to produce a magazine of around 40 pages that is professionally printed. So now I am using Affinity Publisher and on the Master page I wanted to insert page numbers. So far so good, but I was having some difficult working out how to begin the numbering not on the front page, but on the first internal page. I finally discovered that I could only do this in Section Mannager by having my front page as a section and then the rest of the magazine as section 2 with the starting number at 1. Previously in PagePlus I could insert page numbering on the Master page and just set the numbering to begin at zero. I would have found it more intuitive if in Affinity under 'Section Manager' if I could change the starting point for the numbering i.e. 'Start on Page' drop down menue to 2 (i.e. page 2). However that option is not available for Section 1 - Page Numbering. Could that option be made available Section 1- Page Numbering or is their something very technical I am missing that does not allow that to happen. Page numbering for magazines in Affinity publisher - Windows 10.pdf