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  1. A very useful feature that was in PagePlus was the abiloty to inset a Hyperlink to either an Internet page, email address, or an anchor in the publication. This then transfers when you make a pdf. You can make similar links when in pdf form, BUT if ou have to make a update to your document you have to do all the links again in the pdf. Secondly I could not find any way of Inserting a footnote or endnote, this was also a good feature in PagePlus as it kept the footnotes on the correct page when the document was update. And whilst I am here, to replace a picture was a matter of a right click. I know their are other ways, evn if you have time to go via the resource manager, but I do feel that Affinity (beta) is selling short the loyal PagePlus people who supported Serif through the yearly updates. Hopefullyother have picked up the issue of pdf's missing fonts when viewed on other OS systems such as Android and IOS Michael
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    In page plus there was an option to insert a hyperlink which could be defined as an internet page, a page in the publication, an email, etc. This appears to be missing in Affinity; any reason why?
  3. Prevously I use Serife PagePlus to produce a magazine of around 40 pages that is professionally printed. So now I am using Affinity Publisher and on the Master page I wanted to insert page numbers. So far so good, but I was having some difficult working out how to begin the numbering not on the front page, but on the first internal page. I finally discovered that I could only do this in Section Mannager by having my front page as a section and then the rest of the magazine as section 2 with the starting number at 1. Previously in PagePlus I could insert page numbering on the Master page and just set the numbering to begin at zero. I would have found it more intuitive if in Affinity under 'Section Manager' if I could change the starting point for the numbering i.e. 'Start on Page' drop down menue to 2 (i.e. page 2). However that option is not available for Section 1 - Page Numbering. Could that option be made available Section 1- Page Numbering or is their something very technical I am missing that does not allow that to happen. Page numbering for magazines in Affinity publisher - Windows 10.pdf

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