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  1. Where images span across two pages, I am seeing a vertical white line where the images are not bleeding off page correctly in the center. I have the images extended past the border but they are being trimmed at the page edge. How do I force the center edge of the pages to bleed the images?
  2. I want to type "1/2" or "1/4 "and have it remain as full-size font characters but it keeps converting to fractions which are unreadable at small size. How to defeat the conversion?
  3. I think the issue is solved. Because my booklet is a double page layout - left/right - I need to insert two pages for the numbering to work. Thank you for the replies.
  4. I understand that is supposed to happen... I'm telling you it does not happen. Your are perhaps luckier than me.
  5. No - the master page is not automatically applied. When I have all pages set - where the numbering is correct - and add or duplicate pages the numbering goes away and I have to re-apply the master. Mac 10.11.6/Affinity 1.8.4
  6. When I add or delete pages in existing page-numbered document, the page numbering does not re-sequence to include the new page. It seems the master page for page numbers must be re-applied each time a page is inserted/deleted. Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks
  7. Yes, I want to leave out page numbers by section, say the table of content or index or any other section where page numbers are unnecessary. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the tip... how do I create an introduction Master?
  9. Is it possible to start numbers other than first page AND have pages before first numbered page not have numbers. It seems the "section manager" forces numbers in all sections.
  10. When I unlink as described it deletes the text after the break. How do I just unlink the boxes and keep the text before and after the broken link?
  11. Off topic but maybe a quick answer is possible. I have lost all the "open recent" files that should show in the program menu panel. They still show with right click on the publisher icon at the screen task bar. Any ideas?
  12. Thank you Walt. Not something I would have found on my own. Very helpful when editing ... looking at a marked-up Word document with Publisher open.
  13. I don't see a keyboard shortcut for magnify. Can you please move the magnify icon up in the tool bar. It is impossible to stack two windows (vertically reduced) for edits and still see the icon. Also, when a page is clicked in the pages panel the primary layout defaults to a small new page and loses the magnification setting. Thanks
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