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  1. Thanks. Have you upgraded to version 1.9.1? I'm still with 1.9.0 See my post above... I got it to work by removing all the master page assignments.
  2. Still looking a master page situation. It seems I can apply master page margins to all pages only if the "replace" is checked. So the sequence I find works is to apply margin masters with replace checked then apply page number masters with replace NOT checked. This gives all pages margins and numbers.
  3. After a bit of trouble-shooting I discovered the issue is related to the master pages. I cleared all the masters on all pages and after that I could switch between single page layout and facing page layout. There is some additional issue with the master pages as tried re-applying margin masters to the book and I cannot see them - (yes I have view masters checked). The page number masters show up as expected but no margins.
  4. I created a book using "facing pages" and need to convert to single page for printer. When I go to "document setup" and deselect facing pages the program hangs. Publisher V 1.9.0 Mac OS10.11.6
  5. Uploaded original file to DropBox Desktop Mac OS 10.11.6 Affinity Publisher 7.1.1 created original file - saved on both local disk and external backup hard drive...neither source file will load. There are a lot of linked images in this project which I can't delete of course. Don't worry about providing recovered file as I have recreated it in v1.9.0 using PDF which was exported correctly from original Publisher file. I've discovered one other older file that won't load as well.
  6. I have determined that the problem apparently is with the file. I reinstalled v1.7 - which is the version used to create the file. When I tried to load the file the program did not crash but I got a "file corrupted" notice. Might put that same notice up with v1.9 when a corrupted file is encountered and not just crash the program. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. Installed the beta 1.9.1with same result as 1.9.0 -- crashes at "loading document" I have a work-around. Fortunately I have a finished PDF which I can use for reference and have re-created the document in 1.0.9. Thanks for trying.
  8. Appreciate your note but let me better explain. I got a program flag a few days ago when I opened v 1.8 Publisher that an update was available... I selected "upgrade and relaunch." It looked like all was successful, I now had version 1.9 directly from Affinity via the update. But when I tried to open an older project I got the program crash. So I need to know how to either revert to previous 1.8 - if that is even possible - or how to circumvent the crash so I can open my 1.8 project. Thanks.
  9. I'm Mac OS 10.11.6 purchased from Affinity. Product Key CB5R-9DBP-DE**-**** If I download the 1.9 will it automatically recognize my original purchase or can I register with my existing Product Key?
  10. I have a book project created last year with previous version of Publisher. When I try to open the file I see "loading file" at the top of normal layout, then after about 10 seconds the program closes with no further message or error. I've tried a backup (duplicate) version or the file as well. Before upgrade this file opened fine. I can open a different project file, so the new upgrade seems to not like just this particular older file - which I really need to access. So should I try downloading and re-nstalling 1.9.0 again from scratch.? Can I go back to previous version that create
  11. Old Bruce I have separate margins and numbers master in order to specify specific sets of margins. Page numbers are across the entire document, margins are different by sections.
  12. I've discovered that when I add more page at end of a book I need to reapply the margin master with "replace existing" checked. Then I add the numbers master with the "replace existing" NOT checked and the formatting is as expected. The sequence is important as is the "replace existing" setting.
  13. I tried that. The master page result is inconsistent. For example, the margins do show up until I scroll and refresh the pages several times... then finally the last "apply" starts showing up. When adding new pages the margins and numbers do not migrate to the new pages and I have to go back and apply again to see master config on added pages. Is this by design? Another issue is the left/right margins show up but the top/bottom lines are not there... but just on some pages. Inconsistent behavior.
  14. I have separate master pages for page numbers and page margins. When I use "Apply master to pages" for the numbers it removes the margins - and vise versa. How do I create page margins and page numbers in the master pages and apply them individually?
  15. Finally found the culprit... you were correct. Somehow a style was being applied to page number text box. Thanks so much!
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