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  1. Thanks for the tip... how do I create an introduction Master?
  2. Is it possible to start numbers other than first page AND have pages before first numbered page not have numbers. It seems the "section manager" forces numbers in all sections.
  3. When I unlink as described it deletes the text after the break. How do I just unlink the boxes and keep the text before and after the broken link?
  4. Off topic but maybe a quick answer is possible. I have lost all the "open recent" files that should show in the program menu panel. They still show with right click on the publisher icon at the screen task bar. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you Walt. Not something I would have found on my own. Very helpful when editing ... looking at a marked-up Word document with Publisher open.
  6. I don't see a keyboard shortcut for magnify. Can you please move the magnify icon up in the tool bar. It is impossible to stack two windows (vertically reduced) for edits and still see the icon. Also, when a page is clicked in the pages panel the primary layout defaults to a small new page and loses the magnification setting. Thanks
  7. File > Spread Setup only changes selected page even though I select checkbox all pages. right-clicking and using Spread Properties on thumb list does change sizes of selected pages, but only those visible in the list. Thumbs out of sight (above or below list border) are not changed even when highlighted.
  8. "Spread Setup choose All Spreads" only changes the ONE highlighted in thumbs for me. The work-around I found is to select only the thumbs that are visible in list and apply spread properties to several pages. Selecting the entire thumb list is ignored. Thanks for the reply btw.
  9. Then what's the point of having a check box that says "all pages" in the spread panel menu? I find that only the thumbnails visible in the list that can be highlighted at one time will change as you state... that seems to be the ritual. Highlighting all the thumbnails does not work for me... I tried that first.
  10. I cannot change dimensions of all document pages using any of your suggestions. Page will only change size by highlighting thumbnail and selecting spread properties and entering new dimensions. Nothing works globally. This means I must INDIVIDUALLY change 110 pages... most impractical.
  11. When I select "convert to single page" from spread layout I get the spreads combined as a single page... that is the 6x9 individual pages become 12x9 pages. I want the typical 6x9 stacked individual pages. Also someone mentioned to make the conversion when exporting PDF but I don't see that option. Thanks
  12. Need to flatten several layers in document for PDF output in one layer
  13. Are you saying the imported style remains in place even if I select a newly defined paragraph style?
  14. Odd issue with text alignment. Imported RTF file has random lines of text indented at left margin by about one character. I can't find TAB or Spacing solution as it seems to be a formatting instruction.
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