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  1. Seems like the long-shots are the best. I feel like a total idiot! Font was displaying fine (Open Sans), but when I went into Fontbase it wasn't showing as activated. Activated it and bingo, all formatting works - either through a File > Place or through a simple copy-paste, in both the beta and stable versions. Sorry to have taken up your time with such a rookie error, but thank you so much for solving this for me.
  2. Thanks for looking at this, Stokerg. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but I am still losing the formatting. I downloaded the beta, fired up a new document - A4 for Print and followed what you did - File > Place, but still the formatting gets stripped :-(
  3. Fantastic - thank you. I've uploaded the one I've been trying (there are 55 more, and that's just in the transcripts, so if you find a solution I owe you big time!). I've also uploaded teh Publisher file, in case I've done something funky in that, and that's causing the problem.
  4. Hey Stokerg, thanks for the swift reply. I'm on Windows. I've tried what you suggested but all the bold and italics are still getting stripped out so I'm left with just plain text :-( I tried doing copy/paste from word, as well as File Place (both inside an existing text box and onto a blank page, but still the same result. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong/not doing right?
  5. Hi I've googled and googled this but not found an answer. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V, Ctrl-Shift-V, Ctrl-V all give me the same outcome - my text from Word and Google Docs files loses all its formatting - bold, italics, etc - when I bring it into Publisher. I'm fine with changing the font size, spacing etc, but in total I am putting close to 300,000 words across, and going through all of that word by word seems crazy. I am 99% certain this is a case of user error, so if someone could point me onto the right track I'd be super-grateful. Cheers Andy
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