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Found 7 results

  1. I'm interested in using Affinity Publisher to make some double-sided greeting cards, but I'm struggling to figure out a good way to set up the Publisher document for it. Each card, when folded, should be a quarter the size of an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Because of this, we'd like to print two cards per sheet of paper. I've included an Affinity Designer sketch of what I'd like to do. The top two boards show what would be printed on each side of the 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. I've marked them with a horizontal dotted line where we would cut the paper, and a vertical solid line where we would fold it to make the cards. The bottom board is a rough illustration of how one of these cards might look when opened. I was able to find tutorials online that sounded like they'd work when there was only one card per physical sheet, but being able to print two cards at a time is important for us. Other resources led me to the "N-up" layout option in the Print settings. They sound like they're along the right lines, but I had trouble configuring the settings to be quite right... Might anyone know how I can accomplish the layout depicted in my image? Thanks in advance!
  2. Given that there is facility to "print" in N-up layout, it was surprising that N-up was not available for the export as well. Technically, "Print" is an "export" function when you think about it. Anyway, I did try and print to PDF with N-up, but the results were poor as the render quality fell though the floor. I was hoping that N-up would solve another issue in Publisher were I have so many elements on each page, Publisher crashes quite often as a result, but the exercise is a non-starter as I have now discovered that I can't generate output.
  3. Is there a way to export file in N-UP in Affinity Publisher on Mac? I'm trying to print multiple pages on one page. I'm so lost.
  4. Hi, there. Quick, question. Is there any way in Photo to print a set of four passport pictures at once? or two 5 x 7's, etc.?
  5. I would have expected that the n-up details for printing a document would have been saved in the document for repeated use. When the document is opened again, the print profile defaults to 1-up, so all the details have to be re-input each time a print is required. For a document that is a label, for now, I have to have a side-document (a screen-shot) showing the n-up details for reference. Surely such detail should be stored with the document.
  6. At least not in Indesign CS5, and I was delighted that Publisher has a feature for tableau printing! The absolute coronation would be even now, if horizontally and vertically different bleeds would be possible - including a rotation of the page (with suitable backgrounds) to keep the number of cuts low (works at corel draw) -> see screenshot
  7. Hi. I have the following problem (I think it's a bug): When I print a card with the N-Up option, there are some crop marks that do not come out if I activate the bleed or the horizontal or vertical gaps. I attach two sample images (the first one with bleed, and the second with h-gap and v-gap). I need double crop marks where the arrows are pointing. Thank you!
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