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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. Lately I am working selling my photos on stock sites like shutterstock. In the beginning I made my creations in photoshop but I tried Affinity Photo and I'm very impressed by that. I have bought some brushes from the affinity store and I have downloaded all the new overlays that come with version 1.9 and I have read the terms of use that exist for each of them. I want to be okay without violating the terms of use My question is if i can use the brushes i bought along with the new overlays for the images I create and then sell to microstock sites. I will attach two images, one image is the example of the type of images I create and the other image is the terms of use of the brushes I bought. In the example I sent there are many layers of different purchased brushes to create this cloud I hope to get some help from someone who knows. Image example: license:
  2. Hello, I would like to ask a question about Affinity Designer .eps file. Is it acceptable for Freepik submission? Please let me know if anyone ever tried to submit their Affinity Designer .eps to Freepik. Thank you.
  3. Hello! i’m newbie to use affinity designer. Can I ask, how to export eps file for submitting artwork to micro-stock website like shutterstock and adobe stock, there was issue about rejection size of artboard need help thank you
  4. Hello, I read from the official site that from now on Fotolia submission is done through Adobe Stock. The problem is Adobe Stock require the minimum size of EPS file is 5,000px x 3,000px (15 million pixels). We know that EPS file produced by AD does not retain the dimensions of the artboard when saved down to EPS. My best practise is always keep my artboard size 400px x 400px as mentioned in this thread. But by limiting the artboard to 400px x 400px it means that Adobe Stock would reject it. I have already experienced it. Anyone got workaround to come across this "issue"? Thanks in advance
  5. Guys, it should be great app for microstock contributors. There're a huge amount of users, who can prefer AD instead of Illustrator. But there're many things that you need to do, if you want to increase the amount of users. The main thing for microstock illustrators is normal export to EPS format, especially EPS10, that all microstocks approve (http://goo.gl/oIYOpA). "Normal": 1) without problems of rasterization (now with gradients) 2) with handy option of expanding, like in AI (text, brushes, lines, etc.) 3) with the possibility to continue editing in Illustrator - hope it's temporary. http://www.istockphoto.com/help/sell-stock/training-manuals/illustration/quality-standards - this manual can help you. You are just amazing! Waiting for more comfortable version for microstock illustrators. You must think about this, seriously. Microstock users are a huge piece of world market of illustrators. p.s. sorry for not so perfect english
  6. Dear Developer... I'm the one who tired with Adobe subscription and going to buy Affinity Designer So I get 10 days trial of this... and now I am having issues with affinity designer eps exports since I'm a microstock contributor (Sell Vector) microstock illustrators is normal export to EPS format, especially EPS10, that all microstocks approve but Affinity Designer have only postscript level 2-3 (I think level 3 = EPS8) maybe I will try to use this option but When exporting to level 3 EPS-8, you will most certainly get bitmapping if you use these effects and techniques: 1. Transparency 2. Opacity Masks 3. Radial Gradient 4. Linear Gradient, sometimes, not always, depends on opacity masks used, or if output Transparency setting is not 100% Vectors on the Raster/Vector Balance (in the EPS Options window, see below) 5. Drop Shadow 6. Gaussian or Radial Blur Please think about this. Microstock users are a huge piece of world market of illustrators. ps. sorry for poor english ps2. I still going to buy this but, I really hope it will have EPS10 in the future Your sincerely.. Ahctiqus
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