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  1. So I will mention it in the link you gave me. Regarding the problem with the save window, indeed the problem is solved when I enable file extensions.
  2. Hello @walt.farrell, thanks for your answers. I understand that some users are having problems with their performance when they have a lot of LUTs. But for me and some others we would like to be able to preview before selecting any of the LUTs. Now I have to choose them one by one to see which one I like best. I would love if Affinity gives us the option to choose a size from thumbnails (Large, Medium, Small, Title only, etc). It would also be nice to be able to create folders and subfolders in case there are too many LUTs to avoid confusion (Landscape LUTs, Portrait LUTs, Retro LUTs, B/W LUTs) etc. So that users can deal with their performance issues and we will all be happy.
  3. Hello. The version of affinity photo 1.9 is fantastic but I found some problems that one of them is important to me. In the adjustments tab in the LUT category it does not show me thumbnails while in all other categories it shows the thumbnails, shows only titles with the name and not thumbnails and I did not find a way to fix it to display the thumbnails. I have also made my own LUT to test whether it displays the ones installed by the users but it still does not display my own LUT thumbnails. The other problem is not so important. When I export and select the type of file I want to export ''PNG, JPG, etc'' when it reaches the window where I have to name the file in place of ''PNG, JPG, etc extensions'' it says ''affinity photo'' but saves normally the image in the extension I selected, the problem is only in the save window and not in the file. I do not know if I described it correctly so that you can understand what I mean. I will upload two photos to help you understand better. The image with the problem with the thumbnail preview: The picture with the export problem as ''PNG, JPG, etc extensions''
  4. Thank you very much @Stevens for your answer. This is the first time I have worked this way and I want to be sure to avoid any problems in the future. I searched here to find answers to a similar issue but I did not find anything similar and I decided to open a new topic that might help others who have a similar question as mine. The affinity team is doing a very good job and I am very excited about it. Keep up the good works.
  5. Hello. Lately I am working selling my photos on stock sites like shutterstock. In the beginning I made my creations in photoshop but I tried Affinity Photo and I'm very impressed by that. I have bought some brushes from the affinity store and I have downloaded all the new overlays that come with version 1.9 and I have read the terms of use that exist for each of them. I want to be okay without violating the terms of use My question is if i can use the brushes i bought along with the new overlays for the images I create and then sell to microstock sites. I will attach two images, one image is the example of the type of images I create and the other image is the terms of use of the brushes I bought. In the example I sent there are many layers of different purchased brushes to create this cloud I hope to get some help from someone who knows. Image example: license:
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