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  1. Desainer kanan

    Expand stroke like weird

    I just tried your suggestion and its work in large document, but not for 32px artboard it’s still distorting the shape. just info: my artboard is 32px with 72dpi, I do with iPad 6th
  2. Desainer kanan

    Expand stroke like weird

    Helo guys, I try to make artwork to be curve permanently, and I have problem because The expand stroke result seems weird. Anyone tell me how to make it properly proportional shape in AD before after
  3. Yes but I do with line in point in AD. but it’s solved thanks
  4. Helo, I bought AD on my iPad yesterday and i Newbie to do icon design with AD, usually I’m making icon with 2pt outline for 32px icon. But the stroke seem to big. And I’ll try with another app it’s seem normal, can you fix this this is 2pt stroke with AD And this is with Vectornator