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Found 8 results

  1. I really wonder why there is no proper way to select points in the Designer persona other than the rectangle. I wish we had a lasso tool that would allow me to quickly select points / lines freely, just like we can select pixels with the lasso tool over there. The rectangle is stiff and why I understand that I can add or remove dots from the selection with keystrokes, nothing beats the speed of drawing around just the points i need in one stroke. From a technical standpoint as I see it: The tool itself is already in the pixel persona - all it takes is an algorithm that works with designer / vector data to find all points inside the area. And it needs an icon / shortcut to activate it. This is needed for both, Desktop and iPad Versions, as it would speed up certain workflows immensely. Especially when using Tablets on Desktop or the Apple Pencil.
  2. To me, the lasso/ freehand selection tool (and polygonal selection tools) are a must have in my daily workflow. For very irregular selections, they are indispensable, especially when you also have to avoid selecting other objects close-by. It still surprises me on a regular basis that I cannot use such a vital tool after having used other software that have such selection tools. Please add these selection tools to Designer and Publisher!
  3. Hi, Please add a Lasso Tool / Free selection tool to the Vector persona for Designer (I use iPad, but would also use it on desktop). It’s very annoying adding multiple points by clicking on them one by one or trying to find them all in the drop down list. thank you
  4. In the past I could select the lasso tool by hovering over the rectangle tool, but this no longer gives access to the lasso tool nor any other additional tools, in Publisher or in Designer. I find no option to correct this under VIEW, in Preferences, nor does the lasso tool appear in my Customize Tools panel. I must be missing something since I'm sure Affinity has not changed this.
  5. hi I'm totally new to Affinity Photo. I'm making the product photo's for our company. I have to extract our product from the background, I already found the Flood select tool and the Background eraser. That works perfect for contrasting colors, but we also have a lot of (small) silver or white colored articles. In Photoshop Elements I could use the Lasso tool to make a sharp selection and copy it to a layer and if the lines weren't straight I could just make a small selection with the lasso to delete it. With an eraser it doesn't work that straight. How do I do this in Affinity Photo? I've tried several video tutorials and looked into the FAQ where is spoken about the Lasso tool, but I can't find it in Photo. With the Flood select tool there is too little difference in colors of background and product.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to change the stroke colour of the lasso tool. At present it is grey which can be difficult to be seen. It would be good to have it a complementary colour so it it easy to be seen.
  7. Is there any plan to add a Polygonal lasso tool similar to photoshop if this was in it would be a easy switch unless there are easier ways to cut objects out ?
  8. The lasso tool needs to show the trail (ants) while you are selecting otherwise is confused
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