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  1. I have been trying to reclaim space on my iPad to keep it running smoothly but for some reason no matter how many files I remove from the iPad app Affinity Designer I can’t get the Documents and data below 50GB. I’m looking at the documents and data list and it has some fonts, a few files but nothing near the 50GB the settings app is telling me AD is using. Anyone else having this problem and is there a fix I’m not aware of?
  2. I apologise if this is answered elsewhere but my searches have not found anything definite. My daughter is an art and design student and is twisting my arm so that I buy her an ipad pro. My issue is that I'm not an ipad convert so have not followed their progress (not enough ports for me) so I wonder which options I should be looking at. My daughter also has an M1 Macbook Air so there is no reason why she can't archive older project/files to disc via airdop and her laptop The price of an ipad is driven by the SSD storage and starts at 128Gbytes and I am think of getting her the 256Gbyte
  3. Hi, does anybody knows if the is any method for replacing an existing image for another one in Affinity Designer for the iPad as there is in the desktop version? Thanks
  4. We are pleased to announce an update for the iPad release of Affinity Designer, version 1.8.6 Changes in this build The changes in Affinity Designer for iPad 1.8.6 (over the last release Affinity Designer for iPad 1.8.4) are as follows: Fixes & Improvements: Colour sliders dialog relocates when you make changes on iOS 14. Adding a font into the Apps will cause iOS 14 to crash. Support for iOS 14 Scribble. Localisation improvements. Earlier changes in 1.8 since 1.7 (including the new 1.8 features & improvements) are listed in some detail in t
  5. Hi I am unable to download the sample files provided in the Designer app on to my iPad. I managed to download one file but the others are getting stuck for impossibly long periods of time. Agreed this is not a major issue but it has me worried about whether there is some larger issue at work. Esp since I am to totally new to Affinity. Any ideas? I am using an iPad Air 2, the device is old but the app seems to run okay on it. Also, there is enough space on the device and the connection is all right too, so it can’t be those issues. Thanks!
  6. Hi fellow Affinity users. Having been confined to the house during the Covid pandemic I have taken the opportunity to update the Designer PDF help file to version 1.9 There have been numerous feature additions in this version so you may benefit from updating. I hope you find it useful. I have attached a lower resolution copy of the PDF version of the Affinity Designer IPad apps built in Help file directly to this post. See below. (I have also attached a less compressed (higher resolution) copy's Dropbox “link” to a PDF version). You can open the PDF file in a reader or iBook allo
  7. I'm waiting patiently for Affinity Publisher on iPad. Tonight I learned that iPad OS doesn't provide a font installer or a character map/glyph picker. I hope Affinity will fill these gaps, because when Publisher is released, designers will need their fonts.
  8. Hi Serif! I'm Maurizio, and I'm a graphic and comics student from Rome. I'm having trouble with the iPad version of Designer and Photo. I have a 2nd generation iPad Pro (10.5) with iPadOS 14.5. In the iPad Settings section I saw that Designer and Photos take up a lot of space, especially Designer which takes up more or less 74 GB. Although I have closed some documents and deleted some history, it seems that this indirectly increased the space occupied by the app. Before deleting some documents, the space occupied by Affinity Designer was about 55 GB.
  9. Hi there, I just noticed that the ipad version doesn't stop the user from retouching protected layers immediately (repair, clone etc tools). It takes a few seconds after opening a project until the protection starts working and changes wont be applied anymore. I have neither tested if the same happens on the desktop version or if other types of changes like painting on the layer would work as well.
  10. A game design I’m working on. I’m beginning to understand rim light concept somewhat. I feel the glow to the left of the guy is too much, could be because my senses not fully developed yet with lighting and how it should cast. Couple things I’m struggling with: 1. Perspective of enemy on right side about to shoot w/ red flare.. seems off. It’s closest to guy behind cover. 2. Borg cube in Blue, is supposed to be enormous.. yet, I have no idea how to maintain it’s enormity, while still representing it is part of the background. I thought adding some haze, decreasing contras
  11. I still have a long way to go, but I am proud of myself for creating this from scratch, after all these months of practicing and following along with tutorials -> finally a original piece from my mind. Man it feels good. Original Images
  12. See image attached, in the bottom left corner when I open a RAW image (Nikon D800 .nef), there's a square/block that's just a re-rendered copy from another part of the image. It goes away when I close the image and open it again and only happens for the first image I open during an editing session.
  13. I am a digital comic illustrator and I’ve been wanting to switch to AP. I’ve owned the desktop Affinity Suite for a few years now, but have recently been playing around in the IOS version of AP. I’ve noticed that the brush engine has really improved, which I’m very happy to see! My only set backs with switching from Procreate to AP is the frequent crashing problems and the fact that the Context Toolbar can’t be hidden. This may not be as much of an issue for those editing and manipulating photos, but it really gets in the way when painting. I’m hitting it with my palm constantly. I’d like to
  14. I'm trying to make a drop shadow for a rounded square In affinity designer on ipad when I toggle the Outer shadow in FX not much happens. It does get a tiiiiiny edge but there are no editing options . I though the options would show up in the bottom? but this is all I see
  15. So as the title says, I'm new to AD and graphic design in general. I'm self taught and am keen to hone my skills to perhaps make a hobby of it. I've finished my first concept piece and I looked into exporting into an ESP, as this is the file I would be commonly exporting as to then send to a print company. However after exporting to my google drive the document only exports a very small part of the entire document as seen below; Would anyone know why this would happen? And how I can export the entire document instead please? Many thanks
  16. When trying to set margin guides on an Art board, the settings just revert to 0 and no margin is displayed.
  17. One of my few pet peeves with Designer on iPad is putting layers into groups. For example, if I'm working on a section of my illustration that is already in a group and I create a new layer, most of the time it will create that layer outside of the group. Sometimes it will put the layer into the same group, but it appears to do so based on which layer you were working on when you clicked the plus symbol to create a new layer. I really wish it would create the new layer in the group I'm currently in by default. Along with that, when a new layer gets created and is outside the group, attemp
  18. Hi, I’m having two issues with the colour picker tool on my iPad Pro 12in while using an Apple Pencil. Firstly, the pencil is not selecting the colour I choose; ie, I select the tool, move and hover over a colour, release the pencil off the screen (mimicking the finger process) but it does not select the color, ie the swatch does not change to the colour I have chosen. The selection process works perfectly when I use my finger. Secondly, selecting the colour picker results in two magnifying selection dots that hover over the screen, rather than the expected single dot (see attach
  19. Hi there. Just found out that you are restricted in terms of file location on iPad. Is there a logical reason why Designer and Photo do not support locations like Google Drive? Why is a proper exchange / sync workflow only allowed within the Apple ecosystem? Even iOS now lets you use Chrome as your default browser
  20. Hi all, Recently purchased a keyboard and mouse to use along with my iPad Pro, as I thought I would be able to use Affinity Designer more intuitively. Only to find that the program is missing some very basic keyboard shortcuts. Some examples of the shortcuts in question are: Artboard panning (Spacebar + Drag), along with CMD button and (-)/(+) for zooming in and out. I really wanted to be able to invest more time into Affinity on the iPad, but feel like I can't with it lacking such basic shortcuts. Does anyone know if these are going to be added at some point (hopefu
  21. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer on my iPad for about 6 months. So far it has been great up until recently. When I am working on a project the app will suddenly crash. Affinity is taking up about 17 gigabytes of storage, is this why? I have tried deleting projects I don’t need anymore and clearing up space but the problem still exists. At first I thought it would only happen if I was using too many art boards but lately the app will crash regardless. Please let me know if you know a solution or need more info!
  22. We are pleased to announce an update for the iPad release of Affinity Photo, version 1.9.2 Changes in this build The changes in Affinity Photo for iPad 1.9.2 (over the last release Affinity Photo 1.9.1) are as follows: Fixes & Improvements: Added ability to organise LUT adjustment presets, including support for multiple categories and import / export as “.afluts” files. Significant performance improvements for assets (import, export, organisation, etc.). Added support for OpenType reverse chaining contextual single substitutions. Added ability to opti
  23. We are pleased to announce an update for the iPad release of Affinity Designer, version 1.9.2 (note this 1.9.2 build calls itself 1.9.X in the about box, but is nevertheless 1.9.2 for bug reporting purposes) Changes in this build The changes in Affinity Designer for iPad 1.9.2 (over the last release Affinity Designer for iPad 1.9.1) are as follows: Fixes & Improvements: Fix for insta-crash encountered in the Vector Brush tool on 'Undo' action. Fix for inability to create a new Object Style if the only difference was a property of the stroke. Significant pe
  24. Serif allow customers to test new builds of the software even before it is released to the public. These "beta" builds offer an opportunity to trial bug fixes, add support for new file formats and show off new features before they are launched. This post is designed to be an aid to knowing if you are trying the latest beta version of the Affinity software on your platform. Product Name | Platform | Beta Ver. | ====================|================|==================| Affinity Designer | iPad 12.x-14.x | 1.9.2/1.9.23 | Affinity Photo | iPad 12.x-14.x |
  25. I really loved how Affinity Designer for the iPad is designed very intuitively for touch. But it would be much better if there would be better keyboard support like having more keyboard shortcuts or customizable keyboard shortcuts. Also having support for modifier keys like holding alt/opt for maintaining aspect ratio when resizing an image. Or holding space to drag an object or pan the screen. Thanks!
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