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Found 9 results

  1. I have grown to like many of the features of Affinity Designer (and Photo and Publisher). And I think that the interface has improved (or I have gotten more accustomed to it). But... I still am not a fan of the flatness of the UI elements. I think a 3d-look is more usable. (Even Microsoft has found its way back to a more 3d-oriented UI with Office 2019, compared to Office 2016 which was very flat.) For example I think that studio palettes should have drop shadows like for example the tools palette has, when it is not docked. And I think that each palette should have some kind of border or some other way of showing what belongs to it and what not. I can work much better if I can quickly and easily see what belongs to a particular palette and I do not have to take a second look or look very carefully. That is particularly important when many palettes are grouped so that they appear as tabs. A 3d-UI-look could make it immediately clear what is a tab, what is the active tab (i.e. active palette), what is a subgroup inside the palette and where the next tab/palette group starts. Also I think that the page should have a border (and/or a small dropshadow) so that one can make the artboard white as well without losing the information where the page starts and ends. For comparison: 1) This is the current UI in Affinity Publisher: 2) This would be the UI with drop shadow (rough sketch):
  2. I 'liked' some topics on the publisher forum, but there are to much topics. Since I am working with PagePlus since 2010, I hoped that Publisher would become a very renovating upgrade to it. But I cannot choose for Affinity Publisher until now: I expected: The possibility to work together with colleges over the cloud or remote working I really respected the Start Screen of PPX9 where I could choose my older work since 2010 Compatabillity with Indesign and QuarkXpress should be normal these days Still missing the links to Persona's because I purchased Affinity and Designer Can I expact those features or will you go on with the developping of PagePlus. Please do not answer with a simply 'no' but give me arguments. Untill now Publisher is not a solution for me.
  3. Hi Mark Thanks for the new Beta.. and I appreciate all the hard work that I am sure has gone into the latest updates. Overall looking good!.It has been stable even with large number of vector objects contained in some of my crazy files. There are a couple of things that I have noticed: 1. I am still finding a couple of recurring brush issues. One of which I reported earlier after the 1.6 launch in this thread issue 4: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/49337-ad-16089-ad-16190-beta-brush-bugs-and-some-weirdness/....but was having difficulty getting it to appear...Until this afternoon (as attached movie!) I thought it was occurring when I exchanged a nozzle but today I found a similar issue with the replacement/removal of the Base Texture. hence the video. Previously I was able to retrieve the 'working brush'/selected brush by toggling the active personna ...but it appears not to be the case with this issue. 2. I think this has already been reported with the 'live version' that sometimes the settings are not saved with the brush. I also found that if you duplicate a brush the settings get copied to the new brush but not maintained in the active brush after you close the dynamic/brush window. (not frequent in latest beta)...or just ignoring the changes Brush fail2.wmv
  4. Hello Affinity, I'm a photoshop user currently testing Affinity trial. I have a few questions regarding brush settings in Affinity. 1. I found how to setup my brush more like the 'photoshop' standard: By setting accumulation & flow jitter to pressure. The thing is that these brush settings now ONLY apply to my current brush. Can I set this as a GENERAL setting to apply it to all brushes? I constantly have to setup accumulation & flow jitter to every brush I want to use which is not nice. 2. When I load brushes into Affinity it puts them into there own categories. I just want to see all my brushes together in one window so I can quickly cycle. Is that possible? Thanks! Greetings, Vincent Boudewijn
  5. Hello, Some actions could be placed as a button / handle on the top left / right side of the art board itself, as : 1- zooming ( click and drag, zooming centred on a selected shape ) 2- fit to screen ( if there is one ) the artboard itself if no shape is selected, or the shape itself if selected 3- isolating ( if there is one ) a selected shape from its surrounding context = make invisible all except the selected shape Thank you
  6. Due 1.5 and the awesome symbols feature, I would like to open up some sketch files in AD. Is this possible now, and of not, or there plans to support this in the future? Thank you, R
  7. Just curious if anybody has made any AD Asset Libraries yet...for free or for money... 1.5 comes with an 1OS 10 Asset Library, just wondering if there is an Android one, or macOS, or Windows 10, or whatever... Cheers, R
  8. I think I had mentioned this one time before awhile back, but would it be possible to (sorry to compare, but like Photoshop) preserve the appearance of fonts (not expanding to curves) in a doc until a layer is selected, instead of discarding all missing fonts upon opening a document? That's something that would be nice for our web developers, so that they can tell what's what without having to install every font to get started.
  9. This is a small request, but in working with many precise values, I'm very used to using shortcuts for Select All, Copy, and Paste in the transform tool panel to paste in values, instead of having to precisely click in a field and type a value, or to delete a few characters, type and hit enter again. A small thing, but when done repeatedly it greatly speeds up working with objects.
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