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Hello Affinity,

I'm a photoshop user currently testing Affinity trial.
I have a few questions regarding brush settings in Affinity.

I  found how to setup my brush more like the 'photoshop' standard: By setting accumulation & flow jitter to pressure.    
The thing is that these brush settings now ONLY apply to my current brush. Can I set this as a GENERAL setting to apply it to all brushes? I constantly have to setup accumulation & flow jitter to every brush I want to use which is not nice.

When I load brushes into Affinity it puts them into  there own categories. I just want to see all my brushes together in one window so I can quickly cycle. Is that possible?


Vincent Boudewijn

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Hi Vincent,


There is no way currently to apply the settings from 1 brush to all the others.  I don't know how you are editing the brushes but if on the Brushes panel, right click on the brush and select Edit.  Any changes you make here will be applied to that and saved by that brush, so next time you go into Affinity you wouldn't need to set that up again.  If you are using the 'More' button method then those settings are will be lost when you exit the program and you'd need to set up the jitter/accumulation and flow.  We've had requests for setting a default brush setting so it may be something thats added in a future update.


You also can't view all of the brushes, you could create your own Brush category and add your most used brushes to that category.

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