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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys , I'm sorry for disturbing , but in the latest days I changed my tablet to draw digital paintings , and I was looking for a good alternative to photoshop, but unfortunately I'm confused about which of the two products to take between precisely Aff. Photo, or Aff. Designer? Given that I tried a preview Aff. Photo, I wanted to know if moving to A. Designer was a better idea, since it seems to be more 'focused on digital design, even if I'm not interested in using vector drawings.
  2. So i finally finished my first test using Affinity + Wacom + DAUB Brushes; Mixing something like 10 brushes and 20 layers and 1 paper asset, the results are pretty expressive and it's possible to make a incredible ink effect as in a real paint and canvas; complete here:
  3. As Inktober 2018 continues I decided to stay a bit longer with Photo. I am pretty happy with the mood and look of those three illustrations
  4. Hey there! Here's a quick tutorial/demo on how to mix vector shapes and bitmap textures in Affinity Designer. Here I'm showing a simple but pretty useful technique I'm applying to almost all my vector artwork nowadays. FREE SAMPLE PACK! I'm also giving away a small sample of my recent brush pack for Affinity Designer called Texturizer Pro. With this sample pack you can have enough to play around and get an idea of what the full set is about. Click on the image below to download this FREE sample pack and watch the video tutorial! Hope you guys enjoy and find this useful!
  5. Hi!, I plan to switch to Affinity Photo for my illustration work in the near future. I don't like Adobe's subscription business model. I've been testing Photo with real projects and works ok. But there are some things that still need improvements to consider it in a day to day pipeline of work. First of all I'm testing it on a 2014 27" iMac, 16 GB RAM and 2.7 GHZ processor. Iris Pro Graphics. 1. Brushes still have some lag when painting fast and in high resolution. Several strokes are drawn very delayed before drawing them with the tablet. Time is crucial in my work and this issue is a little bit frustrating. 2. I understand the color picker being precise, but again, in a day to day basis I use the color picker hundreds of times and almost automatically when I'm painting. As it is now, the delay of the color picker can be annoying when you seat for 5 straight hours painting and try to work as fluid as you can. ¿Can we have a less precise but faster color picker option?, that would be great guys. And finally, there is this little bug in the brushes panel. When you select one brush and change its size with the keyboard, that brush in the panel is deselected automatically. Visually confuses a bit, even thought the brush itself is still selected. Just my two cents, hope this great piece of software make it far, I really admire your work guys!
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