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Found 6 results

  1. Like Corel Painter has . Only please do it accessible and exportable in 16 bit at least . And having depth info for nozzles too. Plus a special separate blending modes for the depth: add, sub and depth combine/height blend when depth channel mixes using lighter (MAx) blending and at the same time provides a mask for other channels. ( the math is simple like 2x2 really) Plus an auto masking feature for brushes when they would paint in cavities or bumps with a curve based tweaks. It all could almost work that way right now . Well, except nozzles. Just requires a painful setup and insane stack of layers. So do it a proper and elegant way like being just an extra channel please. ideally 8 bits in RGBA and 32 bit in the depth at the same time. You are already supporting exr files for nozzles . just let the soft read the depth from them too. With your nice live lighting filter it could work super natural altogether. Well, maybe an extra feature of casting shadows from the bumps could be nice too. Could be a huge advantage over Photoshop and even Painter where the depth is inaccessible and mostly useless . Not sure why they can't do anything right with it for decades. ps. I am not asking for another Zbrush here , just simple things really. would be super helpful not only for impasto painting but for texture works too , focus stacking etc.
  2. Is it possible to create an infinity curve effect with affinity photo. Applying a white background to full length portrait is straight forward but doesn’t seem produce an infinity curve? The impression of depth seems to be missing with a plain white background. With a background that is complicated the depth of field tool could be used, With a patterned background (e.g. polka dots) a combination of the depth of field and perspective tools could be applied My question is how could it be done with a single colour? White, grey or red for example. Any help would be appreciated or if someone could point me in the right direction.
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to use a mask, or a z-depth image to blur an image? In Photoshop you can use a black and white image to partially blur an image, to get a narrow depth-of-field effect: I've already tried to use a full-image blur with a mask, but that gives 80s-esque halo effects. The halo is there because the whole image (BG+dress) is blurred, while the dress should not be taken in to consideration for the BG-blur. It is quite noticable around the dress here: Anyone have a usable method for this effect in Affinity?
  4. This thread gave me an idea to create an estimated Depth mask: I have created a macro to recover some depth information from the Remove Haze filter itself. Create_depth_mask.afmacro The way you use this is to select your pixel layer, run the macro, and then drag the resulting layer group into a mask position of some adjustment. The red tint is intentional to help previewing the mask. When the layer group is used as a mask of some other layer, the tint will be ignored, and only the alpha channel will be used. See example usage with a black fill layer being masked by the depth mask. Create_depth_mask.afmacro
  5. Hello, When I CTRL+Click in Designer (Windows) it always selects the deepest level in the hierarchy, so if I have a rectangle inside a symbol inside a group and ctrl+click it, it will select the rectangle. Is there a way to set the depth of this selection, so that it doesn't select the "insides" of symbols, or only selects up to the first child of a group? Thanks, Fernando
  6. Helo, im currently working on this homework and Im trying to make this design have some 3d, volum and depth of field in its center, Ive been working on it for a while but I just cant get my head around, I havent found any good tutorials either for my design, I would appreciate all the help I can get.
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