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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I am making artwork that has many layers. When I am creating in AD on my MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM, AD is slowing down and getting glitchy, choppy and has crashed once lately. As I am doing lots of illustration work, would having a computer with more RAM enable AD to NOT slow down? I see that my system requirements meet what is listed but I do not what AD to have these issues when I am working. Do you have any thoughts about optimizing the way I am using AD and or have any thoughts about what hardware is best for professional grade work? Thank you!
  2. Hey! I am a really new user to affnity! I absolutely love playing around with Affinity Designer and I have no regrets what-so ever about purchasing this software, however, my computer/computer screen crashes so often while using affinity designer, and even though it makes me continue where I left my creation at, it’s really annoying having to turn off the laptop and turning it on again every time... The crash looks like this and (if I have sounds on) the music doesn’t stop playing, meaning the computer is still running: https://imgur.com/gallery/vRWpffe Has this ever happened to you guys? If yes, how did you cope with it?
  3. Hi, Firstly, just want to say, awesome product, & I really appreciate a reasonable & efficient alternative to the expense of adobe! Secondly, I couldn't find a topic that covered this, so thought I'd start one... Talking exclusively about the windows licence (not mac, and not cross platform).... 1) How many computers can the licence (either designer or photo) be authorized on for personal or commercial use? 2) By extension, is there a way to deauthorize a pc? So that once the licence limit has been hit the program can be uninstalled from a computer and the licence be freed up for use on another one? (thinking about this for when my old pc dies and I want to switch affinity to a new computer). 3) If there isn't a way to deauthorize a pc, is there a dead-lock on the licence limit: ie. if the limit for the program were one pc max, and I tried to install it on a second pc, would the program refuse to install?... What I'm trying to work out is whether I'm only able to install the program a set number of times before I'd have to purchase a new licence, or whether I can deauthorize an old machine and reuse my current licence on a new one. Thanks very much & all help appreciated. Best B
  4. I have Affinity loaded on my laptop but how can I also use it on my desktop?
  5. My first vector work and my first time using Affinity Designer, some 1980's and 1990's computers for a project I'm working on.
  6. I've looked everywhere to find if I can use my same Affinity Designer program on my MacPro (where it is now) *and* on my laptop or should I buy another copy. The price being what it is, I'm ready to buy another copy if necessary but thought I'd at least ask. For almost three decades I've been through the mill with Freehand and Illustrator, and now AD is a huge relief—easy to use, versatile, great forum that actually offers tremendous help and very open to new features, even in this early period of development. Hats off!
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