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Found 5 results

  1. Posting here to add to the .Nef file issue with the iPad version 1.8.2 of Affinity Photo. When I import the Raws from photos they open up as extremely pixelated, small sized files, with the message: following message is displayed: “Assigned profile: Photo iPad assigned your working profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) to this unprofiled document” as a 120X160Px size file. Is Affinity opening the thumbnail image for these filetypes? Im also noticing my images are flipped in some instances. Luckily my Google-FU led me here and I have been able to get into editing my raws using the drag and drop trick. I shoot Both D850 and D800 Nikon Cameras, hoping Devs can have this bug fixed soon. Thanks!
  2. I’m having an issue with placing Olympus ORF and Nikon NEF files, not so with CR2 or Jpeg (as long as the jpeg is not from Apple Photos and wasn’t originally shot with Olympus). I tried both with version 1.7.2 as well as with beta version If I try to Place an ORF file from Apple Photos, it tells me it’s ready to be placed but it’s nowhere to be found, in or outside the canvas. Same happens when placing from Apple Photos an edited jpeg which has assets attached (the original ORF file). If I try an ORF file from iCloud, it doesn’t do anything, doesn’t even attempt to load. (Files open fine otherwise in a separate document, just placing is the issue.) NEF files (albeit these are old from a 3200 model work but are placed with a black thick border on top and bottom of the photo. CR2 files from an old Canon 60d and jpegs from iPhone or exported first as jpeg work just fine. I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong, and never had an issue composting with my ORF files in previous versions. Any ideas ? Thanks. PS posting from iPad couldn’t figure out how to removed first try to upload a clip that failed. Second clip works A9AF7EA9-40BD-428A-A487-C48A7D36FC6E.MP4 94DD500D-DF5B-4484-8231-EA335DC5F551.MOV
  3. Hello everyone 😉 I try to import a photo in Affinity Photo that I’d like to change the size with "place" in the menu with 3 black dots. The picture is displayed well but it is with very poor quality, very pixelated. Can someone advise me? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, I have been using ap on iPad for approx 2 years. I do property photography so regularly have layers of photos for a bit, flash, masking in window view etc I shoot only raw files using my Nikon z6. Now I’ve experienced some issues when I first got my z6, but I believe this was down to apples code. However, this was all fixed so happy days. I started creating stacks of raw photos, regularly 4, 5 sometimes more photos. I’d occasionally try to place another photo on top without issues. This was all prior to the first 1.7 update, now since the update things aren’t working correctly. I can stack raw photos, but if I try to place another photo on top by clicking on the screen a very small file opens (photo attached). When I expand the photo there is a black band at the top and bottom and the resolution of the photo is terrible (photo attached). I tried it a different way by opened one photo and after closing the raw persona tried to place a photo on top. Same problem. Is there a simple solution as this is causing me a headache? Apart from that I like the new interface!! Many Thanks Darren Ps I used a brightness contrast adjustment to brighten the photo with the banding etc, but nothing else!
  5. Hi when I import some RAW pics from gallery to affinity, its show very small and pixled some pics working good and there are. Different between them any advise ?
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