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  1. Hi What is best way to match the colors between two images in the iPad ? also u can create plaette color from image “on the desktop but how we do it on the iPad ?
  2. Hi i tried air drop but it’s move as pic not layers saving throug iCloud not working also
  3. hello, i need to export picture with layer from affinity Ipad to another affinity Ipad could you help me on that ?
  4. Hi Callum, yes i tried the videos for the desktop & Ipad but still didn't solve it actually refine working for some pics good, but not all i believe that if i succeed with this pic, i can succeed with any pics so its challenge for me
  5. Hello i tried to cut the hair but never give me good result I applied what I watch in the videos but never go the same, any advice or tips will be very apprgeciated
  6. Hello, i need to crop picture, but when i used crop tool the modification applied on all work !!, do you have any advise ? i need to cut and adjust specific pics thanks
  7. u r right, its working as u said thanks
  8. hi the auto select not working on my ipad, i tried diff pic but not working also !! ex.when i choose auto select high or shadow - no impact while others selection working normally except the flood & select sample color also !
  9. Dears My suggestion is not related to the app, it’s related to loosing opportunity As I know you are compete the Photoshop program (main player at least),but the main strength in the Photoshop beside the starter is the education, it’s too easy to get academic training, professional and certification also on the Photoshop. You have great app and right now the only app on the IPAD have this power and the Photoshop app is not even close but you didn’t take the education seriously and account only on the Tutorial which is great but if you plan to compete Enlight photo app Please invest in the education courses, its low investment but will make a huge difference MS office, Photoshop, Autocad,………… All of them have education task Thanks for your app at anyway, good job Best regards
  10. thanks but could you give more details, especially for the right ?
  11. Hello, could you advise me what is that mean ? and what is the main impact?
  12. Hello When I erase something it might be not accurate so I need to refine it or remove the erase impact but I can’t figure out ! thanks
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