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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Since I've done the last upgrade of Affinity Photo, I've constate lots of glitch when I zoom in/out in a picture. Actually, the only solution is to downgrade to restore a perfecte working condition … There is also issues with the layer tab. Layers appears and disappears randomly (it looks a refresh data issue). glitch-H264-30Mbps.mp4
  2. I'm having a lot of issues with HD acceleration with the new that I didn't have with prior 1.10 versions. I've tried newest driver, uninstalled old driver and installed clean (ver 496.13) but I'm still getting graphic artifacts, breakups and program lockups, had to resort to turning acceleration off. i7 7700, nVidia GTX1060, 32 Gb Ram on Windows 10 21h1
  3. The Problem I'm using Affinity Photo on an Apple MacBook Pro running macOS 11.6 (Big Sur). Today I updated from Affinity Photo 1.10.1 to 1.10.3 and promptly hit a problem with one of the images I'm editing. The problem manifests when I add a Clarity live filter to the image then adjust the filter's slider several times. After a few (6 to 10) alterations to the slider the image displayed on screen starts getting corrupted. This is NOT just a display problem. If work is saved, the resulting file contains a corrupted image too, although in a different way to that shown on the editing screen. This suggests the actual memory copy of the image data is being corrupted, and so if saved can lead to data loss. The problem does not appear to affect all images so I'm attaching two test files, named "1 - Test 1.jpeg" and "2 - Test 2.jpeg". These are two distinct copies of the image downloaded from different sources at different times, and indeed are slight different (eg, aspect ratio, content). Steps to Reproduce the Problem Open one of the two test files above in Affinity Photo 1.10.3 (I'm using it on an Apple Mac). Add a new Live Filter > Sharpen > Clarity layer. In the filter's adjustment panel, adjust the slider up and down several times. (Eg, move it between a positive and negative value in quick succession.) Within a small number (typically 10 or so) "jiggles" of the slide control the image being edited starts showing corruption, appearing as large square blocks containing either a different part of the image, or random coloured "static". You might need to let go of the mouse/trackpad after each alteration; keeping it pressed and simply sliding the control doesn't seem to cause the problem (as quickly?). Sometimes the corruption effects are transitory and shown only when the control is being slid. Other times they remaining in situ. See the attached screenshot "3 - Screenshot of Corrupted Test Image 2 in Affinity Photo.png" to see an example. Here, the corruption has replicated part of the cottage at the lower right into the top centre of the image. Other parts of the image are misplaced below it and elsewhere. The problem does NOT happen when the test is performed in Affinity Photo 1.10.1 (see below). Observations Closing the image without quitting Affinity Photo then opening the test image again and repeating the test seems to make the issue occur immediately rather than after several wiggles of the Clarity Live Filter's settings slider. This might indicate memory corruption happening within Affinity Photo that is not reset until the entire application is quit and re-run: that closing and re-opening the image file is not sufficient. See the attached screenshot "4 - Screenshot of Corrupted Test Image 2 in Affinity Photo.png" to see the result of closing (without saving) then re-opening the image file without quitting Affinity Photo then re-opening the image file; adding the Clarity filter and adjusting it immediately caused this spectacular corruption. Exporting this corrupted image as a PNG gives rise to a corrupted image saved to disk. See the attached file "5 - Corrupted Test Image Saved.png". Likewise, saving as a native Affinity Photo file also stores a corrupted image. This can cause data loss when editing such a file, causing the corruption, then hitting Save before realising: it overwrites the original file with the corrupted image. I have not had this problem before, so restored Affinity Photo 1.10.1 from a backup and repeated the tests. Version 1.10.1 had not problems with my repeatedly altering the Clarity Live Filter's setting; no corruption occurred. (I see in other posts people mentioning crashes caused by memory allocation issues, and this corruption gives me the feeling it is the same sort of issue.) Trying the Test Images in Other Formats In case there was an issue with the JPEG data in the two test files I used Affinity Photo 1.10.1 to open "2 - Test 2.jpeg" then export fresh copies as JPEG and PNG. I then repeated the tests using these exported images in Affinity Photo 1.10.3. The problem continues to affect both images, suggesting it is not related to an issue with the original JPEG file's data. The fault in 1.10.3 does not affect all images. I repeated the tests with some other image files and could repeatedly alter the Clarity Live Filter's settings without problem. In Conclusion For now, I have both 1.10.1 and 1.10.3 installed on my Mac so I can do any testing Serif might need, but plan to only use Affinity Photo 1.10.1 to work with for now. I don't trust 1.10.3! Cheers, Mike B-)
  4. After upgrading to AF1.10.3 on macOS Monterey the program stops responding in Develop Persona. It loads but no action or command can be performed. I have performed a reinstall but the problem is still present. So, AF is no longer usable.
  5. Getting patches on image like blocks lined coloured when trying to edit a raw image and it flickers.
  6. Are you using the latest release version? Yes Can you reproduce it? Yes (see below) Does it happen for a new document? Not that I can tell? I've attached a 7z file with the following: Full crash dump Reference image Multiple "corrupted" export images Full DxDiag report System: Surface Book 2, Windows 11 pro, HA is enabled What happened: I have observed 3 issues which appear to be related to this issue. 1) Zooming becomes "glitchy" with on-screen rendering showing blocks of random garbage/inverted colors/unrelated sections of the image. This usually resolves itself within seconds. 2) "Corrupted" exported images where multiple same-sized blocks appear on the exported image where they did not appear in the file during editing. 3) Occasional system crashing. Once crashed while zooming, though generally only has crashed occasionally (not every time) and usually only when closing the app. Steps to reproduce: (using the reference file) 1) I had the following adjustment layers applied when I observed this: Vibrance, Levels, Brightness, and a Live Unsharp layer. 2) Have a non-pixel layer selected. 3) Paint on the non-pixel layer using the inpainting brush (also observed with the background erase tool). 4) Glitchy zooming has been observed every time after doing these 3 things. 5) Exporting an image has in all but one case produced an image with corrupted blocks. 6) Closing the app without saving has in some cases caused the software to crash. Other Notes: JPG export quality does not appear to affect whether this happens or not, so far as I have been able to find. I have seen this happen with and without other images also loaded into the program. Closing the SW and re-opening appears to correct the issue (until the steps to reproduce are followed again). Saving my work as an Affinity document (and opening after closing the SW) does NOT appear to retain any issues (i.e. I can save my work, close, reopen, export, and it will be fine). I've seen other reports on here that sound like the same issue I'm seeing. I hope that this report is useful to correcting this. I have to say I've been pretty bummed with how buggy things have gotten with the new releases after 1.9. I am happy to perform additional work as needed if necessary to help resolve this. 1198226149_PaintingonNonpixellayers.7z
  7. I update to the new version, and I am getting weird squares in color or B&W superimposed on the image I am editing This bug does not affect the export and printing of the edited image. Antoine
  8. When I use the adjustments panel and for instance adjust brightness and contrast then merge or I use an adjustment which darkens the image and it merges down random blocks appear accross the images. If I undo the changes these random blocks disappear.
  9. I have experienced multiple crashes when using this new version, mostly in the Develop persona and when using tools in the details tab (noise reduction and detail refinement) This happens whether using a RAW image or a lower resolution JPEG transferred to the develop persona. 1.10.1 was working rather flwlessly...is it possible to revert?
  10. Hi Since the last update, I found that it crashes a lot, or become unresponsive with the spinning wheel. I change in the prefs to OpenGL, and it is stable. But what are the best settings for a 2019 16" macbookpro ? And why Metal became a issue ? Thank you Affinity Photo_2021-10-26-230549_MacBook-Pro-16-de-Frederic.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-26-234052_MacBook-Pro-16-de-Frederic.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-27-000136_MacBook-Pro-16-de-Frederic.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-27-000741_MacBook-Pro-16-de-Frederic.crash Affinity Photo_2021-10-27-001222_MacBook-Pro-16-de-Frederic.crash
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