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  1. Just updated to 1.8 uploaded a shot and its all dark when you try to edit to make it look okay and then finish the edit it goes too light just unusable I have had this issue before on updates can anyone help !! ? Thx
  2. The monitor I think have uploaded pic and it was dark again in phone shot below but while I was doing something else its corrected itself uploaded another shot and is normal now updated the Beta one now too. Thanks :)
  3. Well it was the ICC profiles last time its set at sRGB IEC61966-2.1which I think is right it depends on the shot thou I'm scared to update the beta in case that's the same lol
  4. When I upload a image it goes all dark then when you edit it and export it goes bright I have had this problem before it was fixed for a while nothing changed my end I'm sure - thanks
  5. I have the new update but just recently when I upload a photo its all dark then when you edit and export it its over exposed can someone help with this ? !!
  6. Help please my Affinity Photo retail one won't open after update same as Larry Dalton above can this be fixed ? Help !!!
  7. Just downloaded the new beta sadly its still got same problem going a hazy white when developed :(
  8. Thx James don't mind doing a couple more clicks to get the image back look fwd to next beta fix then
  9. Thanks S Thx I got the dialog box up and set back to factory settings uploaded a image then develop it doing the same thing sadly went to docs to change the ICC profile but really shouldn't have to do that :(
  10. Any reason why I'm not getting dialog box up anyone ? Walt ,Yes Beta is working fine except for my issues mentioned earlier.
  11. Hi Walt Sorry I'm still not getting dialog box up :( I'll try using the retail one, maybe the beta one will be fixed soon :)
  12. Hi guys I'm not getting the dialog box up when I press ctrl and yes I've always used the beta one the retail one not seen any updates for that for a while also I looked at that thread Raw development same issue I'm having.
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