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Found 7 results

  1. As simple as the title of this post, backspace stopped to work to delete objects in this version. Very very annoying...
  2. Hello! I installed the latest beta version on Mac OS Desktop, and I have noticed that when creating objects like lines and basic geometric shapes, trying to delete them with the delete key does not respond, but the insert key does respond. The behavior is strange. Best regards Marko @__monoko_
  3. I just updated Publisher 2.x to 2.2 and now the delete key no longer works on my keyboard on Mac desktop. When I select a text box, picture box, graphic, etc. and then hit the delete key, nothing happens. This function was working earlier today before updating Publisher to 2.2. It works as expected in Designer, Photo (note: I have not updated Designer and Photo to 2.2. yet), all Adobe apps, etc. but no longer works in Publisher 2.2. The only way I can delete a text box is to select it, and then click on the trash can in the layer window. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug of 2.2? Any fixes? Thanks in advance!
  4. 1) I cannot delete any object in Affinity Publisher with backspace as before, one has to choose item in layers panel to delete. 2) Textboxes are always with a frame which mostly distracts for design view. 3) So far nothing is better except the new features maybe which I did not try as of this reading but probably will, of course.
  5. I just installed the update, and now I can't delete any objects unless I also hold the FN key at the same time. I'm on MacBook Pro, and I don't know why/how this has changed. Why would this basic functionality change, and is there a setting that I can change back? thanks!
  6. During our version 2.1 release cycle, we identified an issue whereby the 'Delete' shortcut (Backspace key) on macOS remained functional, even when this shortcut was not assigned. As part of the 2.2 update our team had resolved this issue, such that when unassigning the shortcut, it would no longer function, as expected. Unfortunately this has caused some unwelcomed consequences for users who do not currently have this shortcut assigned, following the 2.2 update - therefore these users need to reassign the Delete shortcut (Backspace Key), in order to restore this functionality. To do this, please navigate to Affinity [Photo/Designer/Publisher] 2 > Settings > Shortucts Here, you can either manually reassign the Delete key Shortcut, or restore the Shortcuts to default settings to resolve the issue. To reassign the shortcut, select Edit from the second dropdown menu in the top left and ensure the Apply to all checkbox is enabled. Now, navigate through the Shortcut list, select the Delete shortcut and then hit the Backspace key to assign this as the shortcut. To restore all shortcuts to default settings, please select the Serif Defaults option on the right side of this dialog. Please note that restoring Shortcuts will remove any previously custom saved shortcuts, so we only recommend this option to users who are happy using default shortcuts for the Affinity apps.
  7. Hi, On AD2 I used to be able to highlight an object in the workspace, hit backspace and it would delete the object. Now, if I hit backspace, I get a bonk noise, and I have to click on the same item in the right side menu, right click and choose Delete. That's a lot of steps to complete the same task. How can I get back to just highlighting the object and clicking backspace?
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