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Found 6 results

  1. Is there no ability to place metadata in artwork for designer V2?
  2. Hi, team! I try to make a PNG dithered with transparency background. Is not available to see in a window 2 or more previsualization of an image with different export options in real time? Thanks for your amazing apps
  3. Hi, I'm looking for batch-processing in Affinity Photo like with Photoshop's Plugin «Image Processor Pro»: Tried to install «Image Processor Pro» Plugin without success, tried with Export Persona, but there are some restrictions to define own presets: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11044-designer-export-at-different-sizes/ Also tried with Batch-Processing, but there is only one opportunity per image-type. In my workflow I would like to define 4 times a jpeg Like this: OriginalName.jpg 1. 3200px (max width) with Name : OriginalName_xl.jpg 2. 1920px (max width) with Name : OriginalName_l.jpg 3. 1024px (max width) with Name : OriginalName_m.jpg 4. 640 (max width) with Name : OriginalName_s.jpg Maybe I'm searching in wrong direction or some Export/Macro/Batch-Prozesses could combine together for a good workaround... Does anyone have a working solution for this task? Was looking videos, but no answer/solution found: Affinity Photo Exporting Affinity Photo Batch-Processing Affinity Photo Batch-Processing Affinity Photo Macros:
  4. Hi all, I am very new to AD, just bought my license yesterday - so forgive me if I miss something obvious. I created an image and exported as PNG, resolution 210x260. I was puzzled by jagged edges and pixel-effects: 69 kb I tried to export with 840x1040 pixels (4x dimensions), and then resized the resulting image to 210x260 using MacOS Preview. The second path gives me slightly larger file-size, but a lot better quality at the same final resolution: 86 kb What would be the best/recommended way to create a transparent PNG with optimal quality for the targeted resolution (210x260) using AD (alone, ideally)? Thanks a lot, livsfuchs
  5. Hi, Let me start by saying that Affinity Photo is an amazing piece of software, nevertheless I stumbled upon two issues that I consider relevant: Image quality and file size of exported JPEGs. I was testing Affinity Photo's export feature and noticed that it produces more pixelated JPEGs when compared with the "Save for Web" feature in Photoshop. The file size is also larger (19 Kb in Photoshop vs 23 Kb in Affinity). These two JPEGs were exported with the same settings. Notice the pixelation on the second image (Affinity). Photoshop (quality 40 / Bilinear) - 19 Kb: Affinity Photo (quality 40 / Bilinear) - 23 Kb: I wonder if there's a workaround for this (both for quality and file size). Thanks in advance, Antonio
  6. Hello. I have an image I want to export and use on a website. I need to reduce it to a certain size. In choosing the export option I am presented with the dialogue box as seen in the attached image file. Questions: Which resample option is best? What does the Progressive check box do? Sorry for the very basic question. I have little to no experience with image editing and do not know terminology or workflow options. Thanks in advance.
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