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Found 15 results

  1. Pop up menu to deselect still does not work unless the Move Tool is active.
  2. Hello, I wanted to reiterate an issue with the node tool in the vector persona that I've noticed in Affinity Designer in versions 1.8.4 - 1.9.0 on a Windows 10 PC. This issue was reported before for v1.8.4 in this forum post: Node Tool - double click issues - Pre 1.9 Designer Bugs found on Windows - Affinity | Forum (serif.com), but I just wanted to make a note to say that it still exists in later versions as well. The issue occurs in every document when trying to use the node tool to select nodes. A node can be selected as normal, but when you try to drag or adjust the node, the cl
  3. Hello all, I own the Affinity Suite and recently updated to 1.9.0. When I tried to update to 1.9.1 though, it failed. Initially it gave me an error box where it linked to another forum FAQ from staff who went through some basic troubleshooting. I then restarted my machine, same issue. So I tried to uninstall and was going to fresh install to newest update, but I get this error message now (See attached). Couldn't find the .msi it's looking for anywhere on my PC. Funny thing is, the apps work just fine. But neither the Affinity installer, nor my Windows uninstaller (I assume they're r
  4. Some weird graphics glitch appears randomly in the UI (around the cursor, in the histogram window and on the layer thumbnails) Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1070, hardware acceleration enabled
  5. Ever since the new update, my pixel tool pen and drawing messes up frequently and is very slow even if the document size is small. My friend is also having similar bugs with crashing ever since the new 1.9.0 update came out. Anyone know what's going on?
  6. Hello, I have encountered with several different small/tiny icons: -Eyedropper in toolbar -Switch color (in all places) -Change color to translucent (in all places) MacOS 10.15.5 (19F101) Affinity Photo 1.9.0 Note, as I understand, Eyedropper is fixed in beta, not sure how it is about the other icons. I am attaching screenshot.
  7. Hi, since the Publisher 1.9.0 release I have found that if I copy and paste in Publisher itself an image which was cut with the tool, it crashes. Attached there's a video and the crash report. Screenshot_2021-02-09_delle_08_50_10.mp4 affinity crash report.txt
  8. Dear Affinity-Team, I've seen some messages about Affinity Photo and Publisher crashing, but no one seems to have the same problem in Designer. My Problem: I created a file with some assets in Designer 1.8. Now the new version 1.9.0 crashes when I open this file. Since I would prefer not to publish my file, I would like to know if there is a way to send it to you so you could find out why it crashes. Kind regards, Alex
  9. On the 9.7″ screen of my iPad Air 2 there is insufficient room to display the descriptions of some items offered for download. Also affects version 1.9.0 of Affinity Photo for iPad.
  10. How do I automatically close up blank lines in a data merge? For example, when there is no PO box in an address. I did it manually, today. Mailing_2021_02-04.afpub Mail_merge_2021_02-04.afpub
  11. I have just updated Affinity Photo to the latest version Since the update when I export as JPG or TIFF it only displays save as Affinity File. However it does appear to save as the correct file.
  12. 'Export' from Photo - png and gifs are fine, but jpgs only want to 'save as' affinity files. Same problem with Designer.
  13. Hi, Affinity-photo failed to install and I got this pop-up message: The application has failed to start because it's side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe for more detail. Could you please help me fix this. Thank you.
  14. but it can open correctly in Photoshop(solved) solution:you can't set link refresh the broken link to no link then save, if now open the file with affinity you will get a not correct one , but in photoshop all seems still working (if you create new blank image with Photoshop and place the broken-linked PSD with smart object inside you will get an error said link broken ,please relink the missing PSD file) so it's the Broken PSD made the smart object function of Affinity Photo no-working BTW: how to export the presets file in My Preset list or how to copy it out and reinstal
  15. Hello developers, Please fix broken EMF and WMF export in Affinity Designer in Windows 10. The bug is there at least since 1.6 (that's when I started using AD). Bug is also present in Affinity Designer Customer Beta Steps to represent bug in EMF export: Start Affinity Designer Create New Document > Web > SVGA 800x600 Create grey circle 600x600 in the middle Export file to Circle.EMF Create new document in Word 2016 or 2019 (I cannot test in earlier versions) Drag and drop Circle.EMF into Word document Sav
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