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  1. can not join in the beta of affinity photo with clicked the download link and use testflight , in testflight it said the beta version doesn't need any more people to test,any way to solve it? btw: i am now in designer test people list ,but i want to join the 1.9 version of affinity photo test
  2. i recreate all my presets in 1.9 as the final solution , hope the issue will not happen again in the new version affinity photo(END)
  3. Did you close Photo first, and restart it afterward? i choose move to another folder (%AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Photo) as delete action and after the action , i test Old one, i opened all there no lost , so maybe that file (doc_spread_presets.propcol ) doesn't contain presets in File ->New->My Presets then i copy and paste the file (doc_spread_presets.propcol ) to 1.9‘s destination %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\user and from red mark you can see it's create in 12.4 so it's not the orginal one it's my paste one (new one) then i opened show no any import and no error so my preset with OPPO as Prefix such as (OPPO 1440x3168) no there BTW : i create a new test by create a preset in 1.9 (and get doc_spread_presets.propcol create and create date is today )and then paste the doc_spread_presets.propcol file get an empty List ,so you are correct that doc_spread_presets.propcol contain the preset so i just need to transfer it all should be done ,but maybe the file have issue (but why still have preset i already deleted it and with file ) and more : in final doc_spread_presets.propcol get lost by empty the trash with multiple version (i get puzzled witch is the ancient one ),so if have way to allow the it self to recreate a new one (i mean after delete and reopen it it will not create a new doc_spread_presets.propcol as 1.9 does now) or other way to save my Presets all are welcome
  4. 1. i deleted doc_spread_presets.propcol but causes no any influence to My Presets in (Old Version witch need to transfer the image presets in File->New->My Presets) 2. i move doc_spread_presets.propcol into 1.0 Beta(address: %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\user)and get no import to Version)
  5. the Question how to export the presets file in My Preset list still not sloved and More: i deleted the file doc_spread_presets.propcol but not get My preset all lost, they are still there, so maybe it's not that file contain the Presets???
  6. The result did what you suggest get no import happen, could you please have a try of what you said, maybe it's a bug
  7. but it can open correctly in Photoshop(solved) solution:you can't set link refresh the broken link to no link then save, if now open the file with affinity you will get a not correct one , but in photoshop all seems still working (if you create new blank image with Photoshop and place the broken-linked PSD with smart object inside you will get an error said link broken ,please relink the missing PSD file) so it's the Broken PSD made the smart object function of Affinity Photo no-working BTW: how to export the presets file in My Preset list or how to copy it out and reinstall correctly to 1.9(Pre is not sloved)
  8. but why will support indd file ,what's the technical reson?though they're mostly used(this is not technical reason)
  9. I did some search on forum but found no topics about anything with keyword ".pub" Or "Microsoft Publisher", so I post a topic , hope can get some answer about whether it well be support in the future(.pub file support) btw:i am not need in that hurry , I know it is need of time to do coding , I am just ask whether .pub will be supported in the future.
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