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  1. Hello all, I own the Affinity Suite and recently updated to 1.9.0. When I tried to update to 1.9.1 though, it failed. Initially it gave me an error box where it linked to another forum FAQ from staff who went through some basic troubleshooting. I then restarted my machine, same issue. So I tried to uninstall and was going to fresh install to newest update, but I get this error message now (See attached). Couldn't find the .msi it's looking for anywhere on my PC. Funny thing is, the apps work just fine. But neither the Affinity installer, nor my Windows uninstaller (I assume they're r
  2. Well that basically solves the issue. Wish it was a bit more intuitive but I don't need PS/Bridge anymore for these macros I've been using. Unreal how slow batch processing is in PS compared to Affinity. Affinity can process hundreds of photos within seconds and photoshop needs to open each file individually. Pathetic haha
  3. Well that would've solved the issue wouldn't have it? haha. Unfortunately the entire batch window is slightly bugged. There are many times it has simply not performed the macros I've included. I usually have to do 1 macro at a time for a batch of photos, instead of it performing all of them in the list as intended.
  4. I would have never known the affine filter behaved differently on iPad if I hadn't need to use it once for my day job. I then realized the live filters on the App version are much more powerful. I'm flummoxed why they do not behave this way on desktop. Live affine filter would be perfect for making game textures. Hopefully this gets added soon.
  5. The last and final reason I use adobe products (photoshop/bridge) is because photoshop allows document resizing by percentage, which is very important for batch processing game sprites I make. Please add this simple feature to Photo's Resize Document units drop down so I can be rid of Adobe once and for all!
  6. Awesome! Yes I have Publisher as well but didn’t know it had more powerful text controls because I was using the Designer persona inside Studio Link. Do you have an example of what you’re referring to, more of a visual learner?
  7. This sounds handy, though it’s unclear to me exactly what handles you are talking about. Could you provide an example photo or gif of how it works?
  8. It would be great if the callout ellipses/comic balloons in Designer could easily be typed in. I would like to just select the text tool, click on the callout balloon and begin typing. Right now when I do that, it uses the shape of the balloons but it removes the fill and stroke which completely negates the point of doing such a thing. Quality of Life improvement would be that text could easily be typed into the shape and adjust scaling appropriately based on balloon size.
  9. For example, macros, gradient maps, keyboard shortcuts etc should all be referencing the same libraries so that way if you make an adjustment in individual programs or in Studio Link they all are affected by it. Why this isn't already happening is weird to me, seems like such a simple and powerful adjustment to make. Right now you can copy those settings across 3 programs but that's a hassle.
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