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  1. CC Hogan

    Max number of nodes

    Hi Stokerg - did you get anywhere with this?
  2. Anyway, at least there is a workaround by Sharing from the export screen. With Save a Copy, I will have to save somewhere else and move it if I have problems. At some point, it would be nice to have a dedicated Project Management App that works across all Affinity products and all devices. So, for instance, I could create a "Project" on OneDrive or pCloud or iCloud from the desktop, then anything created within that project from whatever device, is automatically saved to that location. And exports and so on use the project location as default. This could also apply to Asset folders and things. Also, that would neaten up opening in different apps. From the project management app, one could open in Photo or Designer or Publisher as required without having to move the projects around. Thanks for your help, Sean. iOS and various third party apps are a bit of a mess at the moment.
  3. Ah! Interesting about the 2 copies. I was moving a group of images the other day in the files app which kind of didn't work. But then it did. When I opened the folder, I had three copies of each image. I thought it had been me, but couldn't quite work out how. Also, the original image was still where it had started - it seemed to have copied rather than moved. Nuts. How do I see the Read Only status (or not) in the Files app? I can see anything in the Info popup.
  4. Yes, it is a shared folder (I am not the owner). So, I can save into that folder, but I cannot save into the subfolders. A series of tests: Checking, I have "Can Edit" access to both Podcasts and the Subfolders. Saving from Export on a different folder that is shared with me from the same account (actually, both me, but that is irrelevant!), I can save in the parent folder AND the subfolders, several layers down. So, my feeling at this point is that it is a OneDrive issue somewhere. So, I tried with the Pages app on my iPad. I exported a PDF. There was no problem in saving to the Dark Forest Art Folder. Probably NOT a OneDrive issue then. Now - next test. Go to Export, but this time click on Share and Save to Files. That works! So, for some reason, Exporting goes wrong, but sharing (which I assume uses the internal Apple module) works fine. But this is not consistent, and I cannot work out what is different between folders here. It gets more complicated! (Sorry) It wont let me save in the subfolder "Grimm" However, Grimm has a subfolder of its own. And it WILL let me save into that! Huh? Now, just one more bit of info. Dark Forest Art folder was created by me on my iPad. Whereas Grimm and the Useful Bits folders were created by the sharing account. But all have the same issue, so this is probably NOT the problem. I just throw this in to eliminate it. I am not sure any of that helps really, other than I think it means it is definitely something to do with the way the Export script works with the file system. But why it is so inconsistent, or appears to be so, I have no idea.
  5. Hi, Sean. Here you go. This is trying to export. As you can see, it won’t let me save in the Dark Forest folder FullSizeRender.mov
  6. I am having various issues when using export or export persona, especially with OneDrive, but other clouds as well. On Export Persona, it won't let me choose anything except iCloud. This is the case if I choose the export folder on the slices menu too. On Export (doc menu), it won't always let me choose sub-folders. I haven't tested this with all clouds, but I definitely get it with OneDrive and pCloud. But I think it is inconsistent. I have also had this with Save Copy. Also (and this is probably me being thick) how do I customise my output on the export persona like I would on the desktop? Sorry if these have been posted before (which I am sure they have). I searched for Sub-Folder and kind of got lost...
  7. CC Hogan

    Max number of nodes

    Hi, Stokerg I have made a stripped-down version for you to play with which I have added to this thread in case anyone else wants to play. The curves are not joined up, but I have put a text box on the drawing describing exactly what I did and showing where it went wrong. This is a problem with the number of nodes on a single curve. Without joining those curves up, there is no problem at all, even if I duplicated the layer several times. For extra info, my iPad is the 2nd Gen 12.9 pro (iPados 13). My desktop is Win 10 (current version), 14 core, 64mb ram. Map Node Problem - Copy.afdesign
  8. Is there a maximum number of nodes you can have on a curve? Cos I think I broke Designer!! I am creating a large map using the Vector brush on the iPad. I was working on the coastline, and because I want it very rough with lots of crinkly bits (Hitchhikers Guide joke there), I was zoomed right in and did it in bits. After that, I thought it would be nice to join them up I got about 3/4 of the way around my coast when it crashed. So I opened it back up, backed off a few joins and tried again. It crashed at EXACTLY the same point. So, I opened it on the desktop. I have a brute of an i9 with big graphics card and loads of ram. Well, it didn't crash as such, but at the same point, it kind of ground to a halt! So much so that I couldn't work on it. I opened it back up on the ipad (where my history was) and undid my way back around the coast. And it is fine now. The file is only small (32mb) as I have only done the coast so far and have a couple of reference jpgs on there. By joining them up, I created a very long thin line with, erm, I have no idea how many nodes. Loads of them! At a very rough estimate, each little curve has around 50 nodes and I joined together about 240 of them, so heading towards 12,000 nodes? I think it gave up at around the 10,000 mark, but I am guessing. EIther way, it didn't like it one bit!!!! CC
  9. One of the good things, but also one of the bad things, about the Adobe suite of apps is the Creative Cloud storage system. The upside is that is is a central point for everything, but the huge downside is that it is yet ANOTHER cloud package with a cost. I am sure this has been addressed before, but here is my thought. A very simply app which runs on Windows/Mac/iOS. Basically, it is an asset manager that you can link to ANY cloud service (plus local storage). But, on top of being available as a standalone system, it also is built into all Affinity apps on all platforms. In my head, you would set up a series of defaults. This would be a default cloud (like OneDrive or pCloud etc) where everything is stored unless told otherwise. However, on each device, you would also be able to set up default local storage that overrides device defaults. The cloud storage would, initially, be three folders: Assets Projects App Assets would include as asset library (as we already have, but being on the cloud, it is shared between devices), and a resource folder which can be used for brushes, palettes and other resources that are application and device wide. I would love to "install" a brush there and know it will be available to all my applications on all my platforms when I next launch them. The projects folder would be simply for projects and could contain multiple files, project assets and so on. But again, available from all apps on all platforms. This would make moving from Desktop to iPad, for instance, much more intuitive. In the future, I suppose this could include the ability to share with other users, but that might be problematic depending on the cloud platform. The APP folder is simply where the app stores any additional data needed to make sure the app on all devices are saying the same thing! That might not be necessary, I suppose, depending on how the system works. My main thought about this approach is that it should use existing cloud solutions rather than selling yet another one. Firstly, I think people are fed up of having multiple cloud accounts with multiple subscriptions, and secondly, it allows people the choice of working with the environment they are happy with. Lastly, of course, I am not sure Serif want the pain and overheads of managing a cloud solution! Managing an App solution is much more attainable. In addition, I do have problems with jumping between apps on the iPad (it is fiddly) and how different all that works between the iPad and desktop. Something like this would, from the user perspective, iron out all those wrinkles by making it appear to work the same everywhere. I don't see this app needing to be integrated into a cloud system. I am certain this has all been said before, but this is just my take.
  10. CC Hogan

    Preview for export persona

    I just ran into this as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Preview on both the export persona and on FILE > Export (and on iPad as well) is not just useful, it is a productivity issue that can speed things up immensely. The lack of it will stop people migrating fully. It is one of those things that will attract users.
  11. Me too I notice this when doing very short, quick strokes mostly where I have to wait for the lines to catch up, but once or twice with large soft brushes if I am covering a large area quickly.
  12. Thanks, Dan - sorry about my late response - I missed a notification. Since I posted this, I have been suffering sporadic slowdowns without charging and without the iPad getting hot. Just now it was on a 300 dpi 8000x4000 image with only 4 pixel layers. Suddenly it was lagging, and when I returned to the home screen, it took about 3 minutes to save. Once it had, then it seemed to be okay again. you mentioned that Photo always uses as much resources as possible - could there be occasional resource fights going on with any background processes? (Sorry, I am a bit ignorant about iOS!)
  13. I've been suffering from this too - very annoying since I have been moving between ipad and desktop. This is an old problem and I had hoped it had gone away with 1.7
  14. Okay - done that. I had this the other day on a different (but similar file), but I didn't think about it until it happened again yesterday. I thought it was just one of those moments! When it happened, I noticed that the screen on the iPad was getting warm under my hand, so perhaps this is a mixture of a large (ish) file and the charging. I had been working on it for an hour maybe? I am using the larger Apple charger - the 30w one.
  15. I am not absolutely positive about this, but I have been suffering from Affinity Photo running slow with lag, but it appears to be only when I have my charger plugged in. Anyone else have this? I am doing some artwork 5000 square at 300 with quite a few layers. Most of them pixel paint layers. This is the 2ng gen iPad with the current iOS (12.4? ish?) All the best CC

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