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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    New purchaser for the desktop version (thanks, Spring Sale). This was a leap of faith on my part, as my 1.6 trial experience wasn't very good. This version fixes the Metal acceleration issue with my 2017 5K (my Radeon Pro 570 is not detected in 1.6), which turns this app from unusable to completely usable now.
  2. DarmokNjalad

    Possible to Reset Trial?

    Thanks. My iMac is my primary photo editing machine, so it must be my test mule. If it resets with 1.7, I’ll just wait for that release and hope for the best!
  3. I'll start off by saying I'm a very pleased Affinity for iPad user already. I currently use LR6 on my iMac, and I've contemplated switching to AP since I already am familiar with the UI and have been so happy with the iPad version, and Adobe's support of LR6 is over (especially after Mojave) and their subscription model is now staring me in the face. Anyway, a few months ago I tried Affinity Photo for MacOS, only to be greatly disappointed by the performance on my 2017 5K. It was to the point that I found the program unusable, with too much lag in every edit I would apply to a 16MP RAW file, and no amount of fiddling with the settings resolved it. So I gave up on the idea of Affinity for Mac, until I learned recently that some recent updates greatly improved hardware acceleration. I'd like to see if this update has fixed my problem, but alas, on my attempt to install the latest trial version, I'm greeted with a "Your Trial has expired" message. I totally get why you have a timed trial, but could it be possible to reset a trial period in order for a user like me to see if the latest updates have indeed fixed the usability issues? I'm not going to take a chance on the purchase, based simply on my past poor experience with the MacOS version. Maybe new versions could offer a trial reset? If you can't do this, I guess I understand, but in my case, it means you're missing out on a potential customer. Again, I'm very happy with your iPad product, so please do keep up the good work!