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  1. I have Affinity Photo and love it. The forums are a great help as are the video tutorials. Thank again
  2. Thanks to all. I have been using Foxit Phantom PDF. I takes some effort to edit items also. I will give Publisher a try, definitely cheaper than Foxit.
  3. Publisher just caught my eye. Will or can it edit an existing PDF? Like changing and or adding text and Pictures.
  4. I had planned for the tripod Flash and bracketing, will add that to the plan The challenge is what it is ALL about! I will work with this on Friday. Thx
  5. Happy hangovers. I am thinking about taking another shot of the area with the lights turned off and blending the two. Then possibly adding a point light to each sconce. Actually the edits will be used on a group photo to kill the lights.
  6. I am NEW to photo editing and have a basic grasp of Affinity Photo. The image I am working with is both a raw and a jpeg. What I want to do is either eliminate or soften the glow around the 2 sconce lights on the wall. BTW the belly is going also. What is the best way to achieve my goal on the lighting issue? To cut the file size I uploaded the .jpg