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  1. Mr. Lauri

    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Awsome! Thank you!
  2. ops. this was on AD 1.6.5 on a mac. addendum: what seemed like a bug might actually not be one – just figured out that with an all new star-shape it didn't behave like that. The strange behaviour occurred when working with a shape that was a already copied from another.
  3. I haz come to this point too! In my case it was a star created with the star-tool. Wasn't able to perform this multiple duplication coupled with transformation. rotation was ok but didn't scale. This worked out fine after converting the thing to curves. And wait, giving it a try with the cat-tool – yep, cats did transform as expected, scaling and rotating of all cats was ok.
  4. Ok, thanks for the quick reply! So now Mr. Lauri will get a nice presi from Mr. Lauri Kind regards and a merry christmas!
  5. Hi there. I just checked the details for the german edition of the workbook at Amazon where the release is dated to 2016. Is it any worth buying it, or is this an outdated version and I should wait a bit untill there's an updated one as the software keeps adding new features? Kind regards, Mr. Lauri.