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  1. 😁 Thk. When i close it will show. I t was open and c'ant see it Solve thank you very much
  2. Good day Before i had on my left tools bar the colour tool (foreground/background) both AF and AD. Not see at costumize tools how can i add? Thk you for help
  3. If wait 1 more day publisher beta 1.8 is out, and now studiolink work with others app Thk you all
  4. All working. Working with Beta but, must have retail installed. (photo/Design) Thank you very much for your help
  5. Thk you for reply Retail version open this window Beta version
  6. Thank you very much for yr answer. I will re-install 1.7.3. publisher retail if i find (have beta installed)
  7. Good morning Pls help Running windows10, having the 3 beta app installed, and publisher can`t connect through studiolink with other 2 app. Before everything fine, but now not work. I dΒ΄ont know if after install publisher beta, or the others.... Thank you in advance
  8. Same here. Last beta ....50 (did not try with ....67), AD on windows. Working with a object in a layer and it moves position (above the structure). (not always, but happen quite a few times)
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