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  1. Just a quick update. The problem is not resolved. My installation of Affinity Photo is basically useless now. I am reluctant to reinstall windows but might try it when I have time & resources to keep working on this and risk having to reinstall everything else. This is a nuisance. I'm thinking of digging out my old Adobe CS3 disk so I can at least do some client work. Thanks all who tried to help.
  2. wordjam

    Affinity software wont open

    Hey Gabe No I dont. Thanks for the suggestion tho. I still havent resolved it. Stuck at reinstall windows but don't really want to do that.
  3. well I havent installed any of them but I dont know if they can be installed automatically with updates. Would they just be viewable in my installed programs list?
  4. no its not running with compatibility options checked
  5. Not that I know of. I use video a lot both creating and watching and havent noticed anything. Also no hardware changes
  6. Ok I checked the security centre on the PC and ran a search to get the attached results. Unfortunately I don't know how to read the files & I have no idea what any of it means beyond the obvious.
  7. Also could not read the text file thrown up by the beta installation. Looking for crash report file now. I have no idea where to find it
  8. this is the only other information I got S
  9. I can't make any sense out of it. The text file is not legible & the other files cant be opened. I'll post a screen cap of the results. This is frustrating but thanks Alfred. It was worth a try.
  10. It did the same thing but this time it's given me some information. I'm checking it all now and will post results either way in case this helps others too
  11. thanks!! Grabbing it now, fingers crossed!!
  12. Is thee a link where I can find the beta? Thx Carl
  13. wordjam

    Affinity software wont open

    Damn.... I'm at the "wipe out everything and reinstall Windows" stage too so no help in this thread either. I've tried everything here. It's pretty bad that the program keeps doing this and people have to go to such lengths just to get it to open
  14. I am saying being able to open the program is fairly fundamental to being able to use it or even trouble shoot it. And ok, I did not know they only work week days. But I'll wait and see what happens. At this point I'm deciding whether to try returning my Windows system to factory settings (which is fairly drastic & would really annoy me & cause all manner of inconvenience) or give up on Affinity Photo because I'm losing money & clients now and move on to a different program that actually works. That's just my reality.
  15. Ok so I restored my computer to an earlier time, completely uninstalled Photo. deleted old download of it. Downloaded fresh file from Affinity shop. Installed it. All looked fine until I try to open it and same thing happens. The splash screen is up, then the popup for ticking "accept terms & conditions" flashes up then disappears & nothing happens. I ran a compatibility check & got this if it means anything to anyone. And thanks to you all for help but I have to say Affinity support is seriously bad if i cant actually get an official person to answer this basic issue