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  1. futurshox

    Grant Medium Tank of WW2

    That's awesome!
  2. Hi Dan, Sorry for the delay; life getting in the way again! I appreciate your reply, and the trouble you have taken. By any chance, are the instructions you are reading for a Windows machine? I'm on a Mac, and the dialogue boxes I get don't have any of the things you mention. I see a 'document setup' button in Designer, but none of the options in there match the setting you quoted, nor do I see any uncheckable boxes in the Layout section of the print driver. In the print dialogue, I see a quality slider under 'Media & Quality' but it only has the choices of 'Draft - Normal - Best'; no custom options. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place?
  3. I never use print-to-PDF, in fact I forget it's there most of the time. The PDF tests I made were with the file-export option. I tried both the for-print preset as well as one of my own. They did not print correctly.
  4. Thanks Dan. Curious that it works for you. I have a Canon TS8220 printer and I'm using the high quality print setting, on plain paper. I just print straight from Designer though; I don't export a PDF first usually (although I did try that and it didn't change anything).
  5. Thank you, Dan! I have uploaded a batch of files for the Halloween/"braaains" document. I'm less bothered about the "spurs" one since the second variant of that font was OK. I also tried exporting as PDF just there and again, it looks fine on screen and then prints awry. Does Affinity create a PDF each time it prints, is that how it works? I have now tried just converting the red part of the text to curves; that prints just fine. So there's that option at least. Thanks, Jo
  6. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer on both iPad and Mac. Most of my designs are created on the iPad, then I move them to desktop for final touches and printing. I've had a couple of instances now where a font prints differently to how it's shown on screen. Examples are in the image. "Don't squat on your spurs" is in a font called "Old Standard". The 'Regular' variation prints with the letter U in outline, whereas the 'vintage' variation does not. "Give me your braaaains" is in "Dreadful" font which is in two parts. The white is in 'regular' which is behaving OK. The red is in the 'Rot' variant which lays over the top of the white. The 'M' and 'N' appear to have slid sideways in this case. I tested printing from the iPad and in both cases, the files print fine. (Unfortunately I can't seem to print in high resolution from the iPad or I would just do that, but that is a separate issue). So I think this is a desktop-only problem. Does anyone have and fixes or pointers, please? Thank you.

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