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  1. Both Affinity Photo and designer have significant lags when you are nodding some points (with node tool in Designer for example) or applying shifts (in Liquify Persona in Photo for example). I’ve made a couple of videos demonstrating it on the latest iPad Pro 11” (2018). 5C5D9A2B-B4C2-4758-80FB-BC12C17A384F.MP4 A00694E3-1EF2-4E59-ACD9-644738960DBD.MOV
  2. Hi, double tap on Apple Pencil 2 confirms any persona without prompt. E.g. if you’re using Pencil 2 in develop persona and accidentally double tap it (sometimes it happens when you just move it in your hand) the image will be opened and there won’t be any way to go back to develop persona. So basically I have to start work from the beginning every time I accidentally double tap.
  3. Hi, When you use overlay paint too and eraser in Develop persona, brush doesn’t make a smooth lines but rather places dots (see the screen recordings). The recordings are using fingers. I also noticed issues when I use Apple Pencil 2 and brushes: strokes get much thinner and lighter as if I’m not pressing enough, but nothing changes if I add pressure. Could we have opacity option for the brush and eraser in Develop Persona, please? 6FDC0C1A-E358-42B8-A4F5-9574A9F8A85C.MP4 3ABE00F4-FBFC-4F8B-8F98-9E3F0E6A07BB.MP4
  4. Hi, Affinity Photo on iPad doesn’t pull the name of the original file when I save (default name is Untitled.***). It would be much more convenient to have the name of the opened file in place. Thanks! Best, Vitaly
  5. Hi, I was editing 24Mpx RAW picture on iPad 11” and the app crashed, so I lost the work I’ve been doing for the last half an hour It’s very frustrating and not so easy to replicate as there were a lot of brush layers and very fine adjustments. Can we have some auto-save for open files in develop mode. For now there’s no any way to save file in the process of development. Also there’s no way to manually export raw adjustments to keep them for the future or to apply to a different image. I know Photo is not designed to be Lightroom competitor, but Photoshop´s Camera Raw allows you to
  6. Hi MEB, Actually Photoshop's Camera Raw allows you to do all that you have listed: save presets, export XMP and reapply the same adjustments to different files, as well as automatically saving those adjustments on opening the file and reading them when you open the same Raw file again. The problem with iPad is that if the app crashes you loose all you work (it just happened to me, half an hour of adjustments in Develop persona with multiple brush layers). It's very frustrating as you have to start from the beginning and there's no guarantee it won't crash again. Best,
  7. Here is the recording. You can see the significant delay: at first no transformation is applied at all, then when I make much longer stroke you can see jumps. B6FC0FE4-AEDA-4430-8462-C8711E7EE5A8.MP4
  8. Hi! It seems like liquify tools have delay. For example if you want to push forward sligtly using short strokes (especially with Apple Pencil) the distortion won’t be applied at all. You need either put the pencil and wait for a couple of seconds or make a longer stroke and then adjust back to the desired level of distortion. It feels very weird and confusing and makes liquify tools hard to use.
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