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  1. 16 minutes ago, Mithferion said:

    I'd suggest to approach these topics from a wider scope that just our needs, and statements based on out needs.

    Also, I'm not saying that they don't add support for this. Even if I don't have any use for it right now, I want them to add it at some point, because I believe it's going to be benefitial, for the users and for the health of the Suite. It's just that when people say "it's a basic feature" it sounds more like "I use it, so you should develop it for me first".

    While I get that it's important for you, and I want you to have the Tools available, the way we express ourselves can make things harder. And there are ways to manage frustration, because it's a bittersweet trap that is hard to get out from.

    Best regards!

    Mithferion sounds very passive aggressive and condescending dont you think Robinp and his wording.. "I want you to have..." is the company line methinks.  DXF export is A BASIC FEATURE in every other vector graphics design package  that purports to be "professional". Despite giving us "free" updates (are we supposed to be grateful they are remedying their omissions? ) they still haven't delivered what was originally promised. DXF output. That virtually makes this product unfit for purpose. Maybe its money back time. 

  2. Are you a Serif employee by any chance Mithferion?

    It is pretty pathetic customer service by Serif. Literally years after launch with DXF promised in the pipeline from day 1 they still cannot tell their customers when they can expect DXF output. My customers won't wait and neither should theirs. Why won't they just say when (and if) its gonna happen? Do they not care about their customers or are they worried they'll vote with their feet? 

  3. Serif need to understand that keeping your customer informed and involved is essential in business. That doesn't take much time or cost much money. Ignoring your customer's polite requests for updates is why companies lose customers and remain a small time operation.  

    Paying customers should not have to "encourage"  Serif to produce fit for purpose software. Serif should do it to retain old and attract new customers. How much effort would it take for them to say "We expect to have DXF export available by X date" or  "We have no intention of including DXF output ever", rather than burying their heads in the sand and hoping the problem will just go away. 

    Are some of these "dedicated users"  Serif employees or do they not actually make anything in the real world by the way. 

    Designer Is promoted as a professional product. It doesn't have this essential professional feature.  They just need to tell us when and if DXF output is planned be implemented. If its not going to be just tell us. Its not rocket science. 

  4. 13 hours ago, fde101 said:

    Serif does not normally respond to feature requests.  Sometimes, but not usually.  They do read them.

    Maybe the high and mighty Serif do read them but they evidently don't pay any attention to them. They don't mention their total lack of interest in what the customer wants when they are selling this stuff, which, With this core design flaw is essentially useless to people want to actually make things. 

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