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  1. Please switch these sliders to the same model as the other regular sliders say in Level's Adjustment and also provide a toggle for disabling the whole panel so you can quickly defeat the preview without having to reset it every time. Thx
  2. I was not clear - a thousand mea culpas - I'm not stitching I'm "stacking" different exposures / waves / focus etc for making a comp from all the layers so I want them to overlay each other in "perfect" registration. Does my question make more sense now ? In PTGui Pro I can force a stitch on different layers by manual assigning point's but it's a much more longer winded process - I was hoping for something that could automate it for me but with more control than Ablowme PS "Align Layers" which although simple fails often such that I've had to resort to manual pixel nudging for mod ca
  3. Why does this happen - is it indicating a particular state ? Thx
  4. Trying to align some seascape images - of course the waves are different in each image. Is it possible to mask or select only the parts of the image I want aligned, fg / bg rocks etc, such that Affinity will ignore the pixels outside of those areas for analysis ? Thx
  5. This is very definitely a bug - EXR spec's and workflow is specifically designed to allow both arbitrary multiple "layers/channels" as well as support for image data that fall outside the bounding box of the visible data ! Cropping inside of Nuke prior to exporting destroys that data and so make's the workflow useless. AP should correctly support the display of all pixel data with a properly set pixel origin without having to disable "Include Margins" and presumably making the data unavailable for use. Again it's a bug for sure since it doesn't correctly follow the spec.
  6. Hmmm - makes me wonder why it even exists in the context of a mask - thx for pointing it out.
  7. Why does this keep happening in Affinity ? It appears like you are dynamically assigning the size of the bounding box of the extents of the active area as you create / paint it by adding brush strokes. End result being though that new brush strokes keep getting clipped to the absolute extents of the previous outermost brush stroke resulting in only being able to "fill in" the previous brush stroke and newer soft edged stokes being truncated and "hard edged" ? What's going on here ?
  8. Can anyone explain / point me to a explanation how Blend Modes are supposed to work on FX Filters ? Particularly in the context of nesting an fx layer so it only affects a layer ? Thx
  9. Hi, Does anyone dev's or otherwise have a solution for working remotely that properly passes Wacom pen pressure to the remote host ? Any input appreciated. Thx Andrew Mumford
  10. This looks increasingly like a bug to me - it doesn't follow the behaviour you recorded, neither does it work according to the steps here, Comment's anyone ?
  11. Whenever I click the "Add current fill to palette" button, ctrl click or otherwise all I get is a "fill" named for the currently active colour ?
  12. Ok working - thx, here's hoping for a more automated installation procedure !
  13. FWIW - I just downloaded the public beta and tried this and I cannot get any Nik plugins to load on my m/c.
  14. As described this is not working for me ? 1. There is no "save function" in the Gradient dropdown swatches panel - perhaps there should be but OK I'll go to the global "Swatches" panel instead. 2. Every time I press the add button all I'm getting is a solid fill - no gradient, what am I missing here - the built in help doesn't really say anything about it as far as I can see ? Thx
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