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  1. And yet this thread exists to discuss this and they haven't locked it down even though they clearly said so. It's not because you are here parroting it that people will stop discussing this. So instead of harassing people that would like to see their products on Linux, move on with your life. Or keep doing what you're doing. Draw more attention to it. I can only thank you for that. FOSDEM happened very recently and Alan Pope made a presentation about the snap format: To everyone interested in the package format instead of harassing Linux users that love Affinity
  2. You are constantly repeating yourself throughout this thread. We already know your stance and I am perfectly aware of all of this. I won't stop providing information every now and again though.
  3. This was what Andy Sommerfield said: You are not saying nothing that Andy didn't say before and not even understanding the purpose of this discussion. Yes, it won't likely increase the chances of seeing Affinity in Linux. But the purpose of the discussion is exactly to present the combination of distro/DE/platform where those costs that you talk about could be recouped. Understand? While you guys may discuss the merits of providing support for Linux or not, I am simply pointing out the venues that would yield the highest chances of commercial success in Linux. I am aware th
  4. Dear Affinity devs, Canonical has just released this video about Snaps targeted at devs and packagers.
  5. Because they probably think it is too risky and there's no guarantee of re-couping their investment. Anyway, I like this software and would like to see it in Linux. I already provided as much info as possible on how this might be doable. However, I know it won't be done because that's been the official statement. I don't want to be involved in silly shouting matches with people that come here to harass users that would love to use their favourite software in their favourite OS. If you don't like this, simply move on to other topics instead of harassing people that are discussing this
  6. I cooled down my head, and decided to expand and write a more productive response.
  7. They don't need to make sure that it works no matter how the OS is configured. They just need to throw their hat and say: we support ONLY Ubuntu and use a snap format. If anyone wants any support in other distros, having Affinity software in Snaps helps with that. Anyway, I don't believe there's interest from the company to release this software in Linux which is a pity. They're missing an opportunity of entering a market that is completely vacant since Photoshop ignores it. If they're doubtful about supporting Linux they just have to contact Canonical or Red Hat and ask them for mor
  8. Dear Andy, Since barely no one actually replied to the requirements that you asked for I will do my best to answer them: 1 - The obvious distro that you would have to target/develop for is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is Debian-based but there's plenty of other distros based on it. The most popular distros besides Ubuntu are usually based on Ubuntu (ex. Mint). So if you develop for Ubuntu, your software would automatically be compatible with the vast majority of Linux distros. This brings other advantages because Ubuntu offers something that no other Linux distro does: predictability.
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