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  1. I do not have it anymore. I'll try to recreate the same state on some point.
  2. Clearing all the content from right side of master pages helped and it's not crashing anymore.
  3. Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 on Mac OS 10.14.6 crashes, when changing document layout from facing pages to single. I have two master pages, A and B -> B is using A as master. Document has one page, with content, also outside document area. Publisher crashes everytime ticking Facing pages.
  4. Has there been some changes on latest Publisher, as Finnish hyphenation is not working anymore (not even selectable)? Spelling is still available in Finnish. EDIT: Actually, I think I had updated both Mac OS and Publisher the the latest ones. I had to re-create ~/Library/Spelling/fi-FI/ and copy hyph_fi_FI.dic file there. Now it works again.
  5. The Grid is a must for professional work, I agree. InDesign idea of creating columns and margins is all I need. And after that, I usually take "Create guides" function. +1

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