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  1. Hi, again I thank you for your hard job in doing A. P to a great application. My question is the following: When I import a pdf, let's say a 16 page brochure with text and pictures into the Affinity Publisher, it opens very nice.All elements are there. However, it shows every text line as a separate text frame and I want the text imported in one textframe, as it is in the pdf. Is there a way of getting all the imported text in one frame, at least paragraf wise or even better one frame per page? Best wishes
  2. Hello when I import a pdf with text mixed with illustrations the text shows up in several text frames. I want to merge the text frames into one for a simplified formatting etc. How to accomplish that? Thankful for help.
  3. Hi it seems that I have a printing problem. I have made a short 8 page boket papersize A4 and folder it will turn out as A5. Impositioning works fine, but both the text and straight lines are "wobbling". I work in macMini OS Sierra and have a Canon Pixma 7550 for home use. Maybe its only on my equipment, I don't know. In .afpub it all looks fine. Attached is the .afpub file from with I have created a pdf through the Export and 300 dtp. Some one that can help? INDVIELSE AF EN KIRKE 31:10 2018.afpub
  4. Thank you all so much for your answers, that helps. I will find out if they are on my Mac Mini, Mac OS Sierra, font list.
  5. Hi there I work quite a lot with liturgy books and liturgical text. Is there somewhere the two symbols showed in the attached photo? Is there a way to insert that symbol if I would find it on the internet?
  6. Thanks for your answers and for a fantastic product. I will definately buy it in its sharp version.
  7. Thank you Old Bruce, this is what I was looking for. Are there any thoughts around my question regarding the text overflow icon?
  8. Hi there, many thanks to Affinity developer team for a fantastic application. I really love it so far. Maybe I have missed an answer regarding my topic already given in this forum, if so, sorry. My suggestions are the following: Overflow icon: Since the overflow icon is very small and sometimes even difficult to see, I would prefer the way it was placed in the old Pagemaker application from Aldus/later Adobe. It was placed at the bottom of the text frame and in the middle as well and it was indicated with a red + if there was a text overflow, if not it was empty. You just clicked the + and your curser changed into a simple text icon, you placed it on the page you wanted to link the text into and that's it. Very clear, clean and simple. Font list: In the font list I would like to see the five most recently used fonts in the same way as in so many other applications. That would make it much easier instead of the long scrolling list when you chose fonts already used in your document. And finally, of cource foot notes, end notes, cross references and book templates. Again many thanks for a good product.
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