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  1. I am having an issue with unexpected crashing as well. I have just updated to 1.9.3 and it keeps crashing without me doing much. Just moving a small text frame or image. Now it keeps crashing every time I try to select three elements on a page by clicking and dragging. I copied the crash report as well and will send it to you. Since I am working on a time-sensitive client project I will downgrade to 1.9.2 now. MacbookPro 2020, 13", MacOS 11.2.3
  2. Hi, I found this topic through Google, because I have the same problem in Designer, Publisher and Photo. I tried all palettes, fill and gradient, using the button and the item in the right-click menu. I am using the latest versions of all three and macOS 11.2 It's driving me crazy right now, I need to get a complex gradient from one object to another. I tried copying it with the eye dropper, but it's only picking up a single color, not the whole gradient. - Jenny
  3. I have the same issue - Affinity Designer 1.8.3 and new Macbook Pro with 10.15.5 is crashing on a regular basis when hitting Cmd+P with various printers (Canon, Samsung). Doesn't matter if I have one or more files open and what I am trying to print. By now I know to save everything before trying to print. But what's very annoying is that Designer keeps forgetting my custom keyboard shortcuts when I have to restart after crashing ...
  4. That is very kind of you, but I am actually using a third party software for the imposition. I just thought it would be fantastic to have an efficient workflow in just one app (Publisher), since it can already do both the things I need, just not in combination :-)
  5. I have created a booklet with a lot of pages in A6 and I would love to print them two-sided on A4 pages as a booklet (four pages on each side - after printing I would cut the pages in half). So basically I need a combination of booklet and n-up. As I have started this project in InDesign a long time ago, I was only able to save the file as a PDF booklet and then use a third-party tool to n-up the PDF. With Publisher I was able to print it as a booklet, but only when I manually feed pre-cut A5 pages into my printer one by one which is super annoying. Can anyone think of a more efficient way to do this?
  6. Because I have made a template with a page full of picture frames with custom settings and fittings. I could just paste a picture into a frame and it would automatically adopt the settings. That was very convenient.
  7. I'm not sure why I should change the way I have been doing this for months, it has worked perfectly until this one option was removed - hopefully by accident. Yes, I could save the images to my computer and then place them, but that just takes too long honestly. It used to be a matter of two clicks ...
  8. I am pasting barcode images which have been generated on a website. So I just right-click on the image on the website and choose "copy image".
  9. as far as I know that doesn't work with an image in the clipboard
  10. I have used the "paste into" feature a lot. After just upgrading to the latest version that seems to be gone. When I right-click the picture frame I have the option to "paste" and a greyed-out "paste content". How to I paste a new photo into a frame now? I can't figure it out ...
  11. Any idea how to get these options into the toolbar? Do I have to add those manually? I am working with version and they are not there by default. I tried customizing the toolbar and couldn't find those buttons there either ... Thanks.
  12. I tried that - opened the EPS file above in Illustrator, saved it as PDF, then opened it in AD, but I have the exact same problems than I had when opening the EPS directly in AD. I tried different settings when saving the PDF and they had different effects when opening in AD, but each time the file is basically unusable :-(
  13. Thanks for explaining this, guys. Obviously I never had to deal with the specifics before. Can I ask - if EPS is an old format and AI is basically bound to Adobe - what file format would be the better choice? And if I have a file like the one above, is there a way to open it in Illustrator and save it in a way that I would be able to open it properly in Designer? I have SO many files, I wanna make sure that I won't lose any once Illustrator stops working on my Macbook.
  14. But that's the thing. I don't want to open AI files. If I download or buy vector files in EPS format I want to be able to open those without having to use any Adobe software.
  15. Found it, downloaded it, works now. Thanks! Didn't think there were different download versions here and on the website.
  16. didn't realize this wasn't the latest. I just checked and it says "no updates available" ... let me check the website
  17. I am using Publisher with Mac 10.14 I am trying to create a table in a new document and was looking at the tutorial video on your website for help when I noticed that my app behaves differently. In the video when the table is created and you double-click on it you see a header row (A,B,C,...) and column (1,2,3,...) a little like in Excel, and when you click and drag you can change the width and height of the cells. I don't have that :-( When I double-click on my table I have just the blinking vertical line in the first field. Dragging the lines between cells is just moving the table. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help. Jenny
  18. Sorry, you kinda lost me with these screenshots Basically what you are saying is that without opening these files in Illustrator first I can't do anything with them in AD? But that's making AD obsolete and my goal is to completely replace Illustrator since it probably won't be compatible with the next OS update. And here I thought that EPS is the go-to, universal format for people who can't open AI files...
  19. I checked the transform panel, but the graphic is positioned perfectly. And there are also no white curves left after deleting the text. In fact, it looks like the whole graphic has been separated into tiny bits. Where there are different layers on top of each other in Illustrator, I have bits and pieces next to each other in Designer. It reminds me of using the Pathfinder > Divide function in Illustrator where everything gets broken apart wherever lines are intersecting. The sample graphics above are from this EPS file: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/elegant-bright-wavy-background_1185409.htm, but it's been the same with almost every EPS file I have opened. I also tried to save several EPS files in Illustrator as .ai and then open them in Designer, but that's hit or miss. One came out perfectly smooth, other are just black. Thinking about what these files have in common - maybe it's to do with gradients and transparencies?
  20. Hi, I am migrating from Illustrator and Indesign to Designer and Publisher right now and I am trying to familiarize myself with the new software. For testing purposes I want to create a document for printing and I opened up an EPS file in Designer. It's text on a background graphic. The first thing I noticed is that the graphic is not as smooth as the preview image and when opening the file with Illustrator. I see tons of little squares. It's the same when I copy the file into Publisher. Is this a matter of settings? Like a "fast & rough" view? I don't have a printer available to check if it comes out ok. (ETA: when I place the EPS file directly into Publisher it's as smooth as it should be.) Also, when I try to delete the text in front of the background, when I do that in Illustrator it really just deletes the text. When I do that in Designer, it leaves a white hole in the background in the shape of the text. That can't be right ?!? Am I missing something? Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for your help! - Jenny
  21. Hi, I was happy to accidentally discover the "paste into" option when right-clicking on a picture frame. Since this is something I use quite regularly I was trying to create a shortcut for it. However it seems that because the "paste into" option isn't available in the menu under "Edit" I am not able to create a shortcut?!? Therefore I would appreciate it if it could be added there. Thanks.
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