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    beta download source changed?

    I'm having a similar problem with Dropbox. I've got Photo and Designer licences. I downloaded the latest Photo Beta this evening and tried to download the Designer Beta. That resulted in a 401 error, telling me that I don't have the right to download.
  2. I', currently using in a trial of the software. Having used Photoshop in the past, I have a number of brush collections in abr format. If I import them into Designer, I get the message that the import has completed successfully, but no new category appears in the list. The brushes are nowhere to be found. Restarting Designer has no effect. I have successfully imported a brush collection in Affinity format, which appears at the end of the default list of brush categories.
  3. File > Open > 'Enter URL' The open file window appears, the progress bar shows that the file downloads, the window disappears, a message at the top right appears saying "Loading x documents", but no image appears on the desktop. It is the same if I open a context window on an image and select "Open with..."
  4. With the widespread use of alternate Office packages, such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice, it is surprising that Open Document format is not implemented in what is aimed to be the alternative to Microsoft Office or Adobe Illustrator.

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